Who Is The Best? conferance edition.

David KuykendallCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2008

Well there's always this discussion whos the best conference and this year with the hailed sec on a off year the question could be harder than you think.To start off the top conference debate we have the big 10. The big 10 is not what it used to be, and we all know that in the days when michigan and osu were almost always 1 and 2 in the ap and coaches poll they might have been but with 4 bcs losses in the last 2 years i doubt they are in the disucsusion for long.The top team in the conference is osu with pryor and boeckman at qb it may be a team kinda like the 06-07 gators a two qb system one for running and one for passing they are a top 10 team this year. at number 2 we have penn state who should be a top 15 team this year we already have 2 ranked team and a high of 4 on the season maby their better than we thougt? at 3 we have illinoise a top 20 team and a good competitor they should have another solid year. and with michigan a 4 we have a top 25 maby not a great team  this year but bowl worthy deffinately.overall i give this team a 61/2 star not great but not bad either.

than we have the pac 10 which i feel is basically ona off year also with usc, asu, and oregon the conferences only ranked teams i dont think theire a powerhouse conferance either but i give them a 71/2 star for consistency of bowl worthy teams. next we have the acc while they aren't reaking with power either i feel they are tied with the pac 10 because of bowl worthy team they also get a 71/2 star rating.

now we have our top 3 conferences in the big east the big 12 and the sec. at number 3 i have the sec while they start off with plenty of ranked teams most of these teams are not projected ranked at seasons end. their number 1 team i redict will be AU and while i think they are aq top 10 team i dont see a nc year in theire future,uf,uga, and lsu are all decent but i don't think they are as good as predicted and all 3 are unstable even in experts opinions with lsu out of a a good qb and uf without a defense i think both of these teams will fal once they start the back end of their seasons. now we have the Big east at number 2 with wvu and usf both in the top 10 in a few polls i think they have one of the best years in this conferences history with 5 teams projected ranked at seasons end and 7 bowl teams they may be better than most give them credit for. with a winng record against sec teams in the last 5 years and a wining bowl seasons the past 5 also they are definitely underrated.

and now we know who is number 1 the big 12 with ou at 2 mizz at 8 kansas at 12 texas in the top 20 and texas a&m and tech in the top 40 this conferance is definitely the top dog with some predicting 3 bcs teams in OU mizz and kansas how can they not be the best conf?? in the end i have looked at all of these conferences achievements in the recent years and while the sec has won 2 ncs in a row i don't think they have a great class coming in and too many great ones going out, i certainly see them rising to their former glory soon but not this year.