How Matt Hardy Can Reclaim His Rightful Place at the Top

Joel GarciaContributor IIMay 15, 2010

Matt Hardy has time and time again been beat down severly by Drew McIntyre, and this has got too stop. Ways that Matt can get back at Drew is:

1. Interfere in Drew's match at Over The Limit

By doing this, Matt shows that he is no push over, that is not gonna be treated like dirt each time, whenever he is in the same ring as Drew. Also by interfering, we can finally get a new IC champion, Kofi Kingston. (But even if Kofi does win I am sure Vince will help the self-proclaimed "Chosen One" out).

2. Turn aggressive against Drew

If Drew wants to stomp on Matt's head on the steel steps and take cheap shots on Matt, Matt can do the same thing. So basically fight fire with fire, if Drew wants to fight dirty, then Matt can fight dirty. We have to see a bit of the Attitude Era Matt peer his head over. I want to see the fire, the flare, the determination in Matt to overcome this tyrant of the WWE.

3. Stop Jobbing Matt

He is a veteran of this business, "The Heart and Soul of Smackdown" and yet while even being called "The Heart and Soul of Smackdown" he is still a jobber, I don't quite get how this works out. If someone is given such a title, then why make him a jobber. You are better off just calling Matt "The Jobber of Smackdown" (no offence) but you can see where I am coming from though.3. Give Matt a Title

4. Give Matt a title

I am not just talking about the IC title, but if Matt can beat Drew or Kofi (whoever is gonna win the title) (my money is on Drew) he can get the IC title and eventually turn his head on the big one, The World Heavyweight Championship. Of course, to do this the WWE Creative team will need to implement this to make it work.

So those are my ways in which Matt can reclaim his rightful place at the top. Let me know what you think, and what I left out.

Peace all :D