Don King Saves Ricardo Mayorga from Embarassing Loss to Din Thomas

Kevin SampsonCorrespondent IIIMay 15, 2010

Well sports fans, Don King strikes again! 

Today on May 15, 2010 we were supposed to see Shine Fights 3: Worlds Collide put on yet another fight in the vein of the whole "Boxing vs Mixed Martial Arts" debate.  This week, Don King has moved to ensure that this chapter of the debate goes to MMA by forfeit. 

When Don King's fighter Ricardo Mayorga signed with Shine Fights last September, not a peep was heard from Don King and Don King Productions.

In February, when Shine Fights announced that Mayorga would fight Din Thomas , Don King and his people didn't say a word.

It was just within this past week that Don King and Don King Productions filed a motion for a legal injunction.  End result: Mayorga's legal right to participate in the fight is tied up in the courts.  There may not be time for the legal process to sort itself out because King filed the motion at the last minute. 

End Result: Thomas vs Mayorga might not happen today.  It may not happen at all. 

Din Thomas vs. Ricardo Mayorga had all the makings of a beautiful grudge-match.  Lots of media build up and hype, complete with insults, shoves and blows thrown at prefight interviews .

Mayorga guaranteed victory by knockout in the first two minutes of round one and he promised to kick Thomas in the posterior after he was lying on the floor unconscious.  Din Thomas promised to steal Ricardo's woman from him after he choked Mayorga into unconscious. 

It’s really too bad that Don King had to pull the plug on this one, but Shine Fights remains defiant.  As of this moment, the fight is still  not officially cancelled...yet.

But is Don King so transparent?  Is he really so certain that his man Ricardo Mayorga will only embarrass himself in the fight with Din Thomas? 

Ask any MMA fan, and they'll say that Thomas wins easily.  Ask the boxing faithful, and they'll tell you that Mayorga wins easily. 

Well, boxing fans, Don King has made his position clear by moving to rescue his fighter from the jaws of humiliating defeat this evening.  Clearly he thinks his fighter—the former WBA/WBC Welterweight  champion and the former WBC Junior Middleweight champion—just can't win against an MMA fighter who never held any title belt in any MMA organization.

Then again, with Don King, who knows?

It's a dirty play by a dirty man, and just the sort of thing anyone following boxing has come to expect from old man King.

Update: Judge Marc Gold granted Don King's injunction just hours before the fight. Shine Fights officials have conceded defeat in the matter and Mayorga vs Din Thomas was pulled from the card. 

The North Carolina State Athletic Commission subsequently cancelled the entire event.