Strikeforce Results: Overeem Dominates Rogers; Calls out Fedor Emelianenko

Joe Schafer@joeschafer84Correspondent IMay 15, 2010

Bleacher Report is reporting cageside in the Scottrade Center in the "Gateway City" of Saint Louis, MO, to give fight fans full blown coverage of each round of each fight on both the undercard and main card.

Showtime will be televising Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery, a showcase of the promotion's elite heavyweight and light-heavyweight talent, around 10pm/ET. Fans will get treated to many intriguing match-ups throughout the event.

For the night's main attraction, Strikeforce heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem, will be defending the title he won back in 2007, against recent Fedor victim, Brett Rogers. 

In the co-main event, if you will, Andre "The Pitbull" Arlovski, as he steps into the cage with top competitor, Antonio "Big Foot" Silva. 

Remember to check in and refresh your page often as Bleacher Report's reports live and in living color from the Scottrade Center in Saint Louis, MO.


Alistair Overeem calls out Fedor Emelianenko in his post fight speech. He accused the enigmatic Russian's management of dodging a fight with him. Do you agree? And will "Fedor vs. Overeem" happen by the end of 2010, in 2011, or never. Sound off fight fans. 

It was a great night of fights; we are off to the post fight press conference so stay tuned to Bleacher Report for all the latest greatest breaking news including the latest on a possible super fight between Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez who recently called out Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez. Will Scott Coker make it happen?


Alistair Overeem (32-11-1) vs. Brett Rogers (10-1)

10.52 - Round one starts, both Overeem and Rogers test the waters with a few flurries. Overeem is landing some hard leg kicks and then tosses Rogers to the ground. Overeem drops some punches from the standing position prior to securing side control on Rogers. From the ground, Overeem controlled Rogers and unloaded a barrage of ground and pound until Big John stepped in to stop the fight.

RESULTS: Alistair Overeem via TKO RD1 (3.40)

10.42 - The crowd erupts as the cameras pans to Dan Henderson, King Mo, Robbie Lawlor, and Babalu Sobral.

Andrei Arlovski (15-7) vs. Antonio Silva (13-2)

10.16 - Round one begins with both fighters exchanging a few leg kicks and punches. Arlovski is snapping his jab, but Silva seems to be causing more damage landing a string of hooks. Silva pushes Arlovski against the cages, lands a few shots from the clinch and grabs a single leg to take "The Pitbull" down, with relative ease.

Round one ends with Arlovski standing up, throwing some shots at Silva.

10.25 - Round two starts off with both fighters squaring up and exchanging punches; Silva continues to land the hard shots, landing a flush shot that seems to wobble Arlovski a bit. Off the clinch, Silva keeps throwing loads of hooks, which has reddened and cut Arlovski's face.

After trading, Silva pushes Arlovski against the cage, where he secures underhooks. Once they break from the clinch, Silva continues to land the more damaging blows. Round two ends with both fighters standing.

10.31 - Round three begins with both heavyweights slowing the pace. They clinch up on the cage until referee Big John McCarthy breaks them up. Arlovski's punches are quicker, but Silva's strikes keep landing with more force.

It doesn't take them long before they clinch up again to battle for dominant positions. Big John again steps in and breaks the fighters up. Silva scores a take down from the clinch, they stand to clinch and Big John breaks them up yet again. The crowd starts cheering loudly for both fighter in the last seconds of the fight. The match ends with both fighters on their feet.

RESULTS: Antonio Silva via unanimous decision (29-28), (29-28), (29-28)

Jacare Souza (11-2) vs. Joey Villasenor (27-6)

9.50 - Round one starts with Jacare setting up a take down with a huge overhand right. Jacare looks a lot of quicker on his feet than Villasenor. Jacare scores a take down off the cage and transitions to full mount, raining down hammer fists. Villasenor urgently scrambles and gets back to his feet.

Jacare lands some knees off the cage before pulling Villasenor to the ground, where he is posturing up and raining down huge shots. Again, Villasenor stands up to be met with a barrage of strikes from Jacare. Once he closes the distance, Jacare slams Villasenor to the mat with authority. Villasenor escapes a kimura and the round ends with both fighters on their feet.

9.56 - Round two begins with Jacare throwing a few strikes prior to loading up and stringing towards Villasenor for the take down. While Jacare transitions to side control from half-guard, Villasenor escapes to his feet. His accomplishment is short-lived; Jacare takes him right back to the ground.

Both fighters stand up yet again, where there's first blood coming from Jacare's face. Both fighters are slowing down a bit after exerting a lot of energy to maintain their fast pace. Jacare shoots in and takes Villasenor down. Villasenor is defending well off his back, utilizing a butterfly guard and escaping when there's a chance.

Round two ends with Villasenor going for his own take down.

10.02 - Round three starts off with a flurry of strikes from both fighters. For the first time in the fight, Villasenor stuffs Jacare's shot, it continues to happen after they exchange strikes.

Jacare closes the distance, pushes Villasenor against the cage and takes him to the mat, where he is trying to pop his leg out from Villasenor's half-guard. All the while, Jacare is landing some hard shots from top position.

After some stagnant action, the ref stands them up. They exchange some hard shots again and Jacare finds himself on top of Villasenor, where the fight ends.

RESULTS: Jacare Souza via. unanimous decision (30-27), (29-28), (29-28)

Kevin Randleman (17-14) vs. Roger Gracie (2-0)

9.22 - There's sudden waves of heat coming from the pyrotechnics that are set off when both fighters respectively walk to the cage.

9.26 - Round one starts. Gracie towers over Randleman, but that doesn't stop the former UFC heavyweight champ from pushing the pace while the two fighters feel each other out. They briefly clinch up, Gracie lands a good knee.

Randleman seems to be holding back from shooting in on the lankier Gracie. He instead decides to push the MMA royalty against the cage, getting underhooks. Both fighters break and scramble on the mat for a moment. Round one ends with both fighter on their feet.

9.33 - Round two starts with Randleman putting his hips into a couple of hard hooks. Gracie continues to use his jab, but isn't causing any kind of damage. After breaking the clinch off the cage, Gracie secures a plum and lands a knee that drops Randleman. Gracie swarms Randleman, who is holding onto Gracie for dear life.

It doesn't take long before Gracie showcases in his ground skills by slapping a body triangle around Randleman's mid-section, ending the fight with a rear-naked choke.

RESULTS: Roger Gracie via rear-naked choke RD2 (4.10)

Rafael Feijao (8-2) vs. Antwain Britt (11-3)

9.10 - Antwain Britt is a huge 205lbs. The fighters touch gloves and Heavy Artillery is a go. Both Britt and Feijao feel each other out, gauging the distance until Britt sets up a combo with a couple of stiff jabs. Britt continues to come forward with his head down and unprotected, looping his punches.

The fighters clinch after Britt throws more looping punches; Feijao secures a plum and lands a some knees.

After they push away, Feijao throws his own punches in bunches and knocks Britt down and out.

9.18 - Rumors are being passed around that the winner, Rafael Feijao, will be Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion, King Mo's, first opponent. Screams of "Anderson" are coming from behind me, as he walks in front of the press table with his victorious teammate.

RESULTS: Rafael Feijao via KO RD1 (3.45)

9.02 - We're going live soon from Saint Louis, MO. The crowd is oozing energy, the music is echoing through the arena and Anderson Silva just walked up to the cage to corner fellow Black House fighter, Rafael Feijao.

Justin DeMoney (14-2-2) vs. Jesse Finney (5-0)

8.38 - Finney starts off the fight very confidently, landing a few good leg kicks and right hands. After feeling Finney's power, DeMoney shoots in for the take down. After battling Finney's sprawl, DeMoney finds himself in his opponent's guard. From that position, Finney powers his way off his back and reverses DeMoney; in the process Finney sinks a guilotine choke.

Finney is clearly an overwhelming fan favorite, preserving his undefeated record in front of his hometown fans.

RESULTS: Jesse Finney via guilotine choke RD 1 (3.22)

Lyle Beerbohm vs. Vitor Ribeiro

8.12 - Beerbohm immediantly shots in, pushing Ribeiro up against the cage. Both fighters are battling for dominant position, exchanging upperhooks, etc. The ref breaks up the clinch, Beerbohm sets up another shot with a high-kick, which was blocked by Ribeiro. The fight continues to be decided in the clinch off the cage.

The ref again breaks up the clinch as the crowd gets restless, expressing so by a wave of "boos". Round one ends with Beerbohm leveling his body into Ribeiro's mid-section, looking for the take-down.

Round two starts off in similar fashion with Beerbohm looking to set-up his take down. The pace has slowed a bit. Beerbohm lands a few frantic strikes before getting stuff by Ribeiro's sprawl. Ribeiro reverses the momentum by taking Beerbohm down to the mat, where he looks for submissions.

Ribeiro attempts an arm-bar and triangle off his back with lightening speed, only for Beerbohm to display some very impressive escapes. Round two ends with Beerbohm pulling out of Ribeiro's triangle attempt.

Round three begins with Ribeiro countering Beerbohm's wreckless haymaker with a take down. Beerbohm gets slammed down again after trying to stand up, but finds his way back in Ribeiro's guard. Ribeiro is constantly searching for the submission while controlling Beerbohm's movements.

Once on their feet, Beerbohm, clearly more fatigued than his opponent, continuously looks for the take down, pushing Ribeiro up against the cage. Round three ends with both fighters standing up from the mat.

RESULTS: Lyle Beerbohm via split decision RD 3 - (30-27), (29-28), (30-27)

Darryl Cobb (3-1) vs. Booker DeRousse (2-2)

7.22 - Cobb lands a nasty body kick followed by a knee strike once DeRousse bull-rushes him into the cage. DeRoussee has no problem backing Cobb into the cage, but from there, he gets hit for his troubles. Cobb's striking is proving to be superior, quickly moving in and out, sprawling very well against DeRousse's shot.

DeRousse finally executes a takedown after pushing Cobb's back into the cage. He is very busy in Cobb's guard, landing some shots, and searching for an arm-triangle. Round one ends with DeRousse in Cobb's guard.

Round two starts with DeRousse coming forward full steam ahead at Cobb, pushing him up to the cage. They briefly clinch; Cobb pushes away and lands a hard leg kick. DeRousse gets stuffed by Cobb's sprawl. After standing up, DeRousse gets Cobb down and starts working his submission attemtps, almost pulling off a darse-choke.

Cobb's fortunes quickly turn as he transitions into DeRousse's guard after giving up his back. He lands a few shots before mounting a gassed DeRousse. Round two ends with DeRousse fully mounted by Cobb.

Each fighter starts round three a little sluggish. DeRousse gets underhooks on Cobb and pushes him up against the cage, a repeated plot twist during this fight. DeRousse earns a single-leg and uses it to take Cobb down. DeRousse easily transitions in Cobb's open guard. Both fighters are running on empty, referee stand the fights up.

It doesn't take DeRousse long to shoot in and score the takedown once again. Round three ends with DeRousse in Cobb's open guard. Both fighters slowly stand up and raise their respective hands

RESULTS: Darryl Cobb via split decision RD 3 - (29-28), (29-28), (29-28)

Mike Chandler (2-0) vs. Sal Woods (4-7)

7.08 - Chandler pressures Woods around the cage. Woods' clinches up with Chandler and takes him to the mat, where he nearly ends the fight by a guilotine choke. Chandler escapes to his feet and starts heaving heavy left hooks at Woods. Chandler then returns the favor, gets Woods' back on the ground, and submits him with a rear-naked choke.

RESULTS: Mike Chandler via rear-naked choke RD1 (.59)

Lee Brousseau (4-1) vs. Fransisco France (4-1)
7.00 - Brazil's Fransisco France, fighting out of American Top Team, ended the feeling out stalemate by rushing the bigger Brousseau onto the cage. Once on the cage, France used underhooks as leverage to toss his opponent to the mat.  From there, it was all France, who quickly sunk in a rear-naked choke.

RESULTS: Fransisco France via rear-naked choke RD1 (1.27)

Tom Aaron (6-2) vs. Erik Steenberg (3-0)

6.53 - Both Missouri natives waste no time clinching up. Aaron overpowers Steenberg's guard once on the ground, allowing Steenberg room to stand up, only to get caught in a guilotine choke.

RESULTS: Tom Aaron via guilotine choke RD1 (.56)

Matt Ricehouse (1-0) vs. Greg Wilson (professional debut)
6.33 - The arena is about half packed, but everybody is cheering for both local heroes, Ricehouse and Wilson. Fighters begin feeling each other out, Ricehouse ends a combo with a high kick--doesn't land.

He clinches up with Wilson on the cage and tosses him on the ground. Ricehouse is controlling the pace and action from the ground, attempting a guilotine choke.
Ricehouse is getting the better of the stand-up with Wilson.

After each flurry, Ricehouse takes his opponent down at will. Ricehouse lands a strong left that makes Wilson check his right eye. Each fighter starts uploading, trading shots. Round one ends with Wilson in Ricehouse's guard.

Round two starts with both fighters standing and trading again. Ricehouse is landing knees before he takes Wilson down for some ground and pound. Wilson stands up and starts engaging with Ricehouse, only to end up on his back again.

Ricehouse transitions to Wilson's back searching for a guilotine; he settles for full-mount. He starts raining down punches on Wilson, not too many are landing flush. Ricehouse is continues to transition well, moving from the full-mount to side-control. Round two ends with Ricehouse in Wilson's guard.

Round three starts with Ricehouse looking for a home for his body-kick. Both fighters engage in yet another flurry before Ricehouse swarms Wilson, gets him in the clinch, takes him down and sinks in a rear-naked choke.

RESULTS: Matt Ricehouse via rear-naked choke RD3 (0.45)


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