NCAA Football: Three 2008 Predictions I Just Don't Get

Brian HodgesCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2008

When it comes to college football, all the fans have their own idea for a playoff, their own rankings, their own fantasy league, and college football pick ‘em, etc. 

However, when it comes to college football predictions, everyone has a ton of them.  Some “fans” that have no earthly idea who Jo Pa is and what the college football atmosphere provides have their own predictions.

I am just like everyone else.  I do the things mentioned above, but there are some predictions that I just can’t grasp as we enter the 2008 college football season.

First, the prediction about Georgia being in the national title game is a little off, for me anyway. 

The Bulldogs have two awful stretches to get through, and it looks impossible to go undefeated.  The first stretch is at South Carolina, at Arizona State, Alabama, and then Tennessee.  The second stretch has UGA playing at LSU, Florida, at Kentucky, then at Auburn.  I have a feeling that the Bulldogs will have a great season, but this is just awfully brutal.

Second, the prediction that no matter how well Ohio State does this year, the Buckeyes should not be within 3,500 miles of the BCS National Championship Game. 

I know the schedule seems weak (take a look at Florida State, Texas Tech, and Clemson if you want to see WEAK), but a victory over Southern Cal (or maybe even a close loss to them) will look good.  Go through the Big Ten and win, and they deserve to be playing for the national title. 

Is the BCS going to allow last season’s Buckeye performance in the title game affect the 2008 season?  That will make the majority of the college fans hate the BCS far more than they do now.  Be totally honest.  Would you feel the same if it was your team that was trying for a national championship in over how many tries? 

Think about it.  Your favorite team goes through their conference undefeated and wins an out-of-conference game over a good opponent, and they are snubbed because of what they did the previous season.

Third, Clemson will win the ACC and a have a breakout year and all will be well with Coach Bowden. 

I am actually buying into some of this.  Clemson winning the ACC.  I will buy that.  Clemson having a breakout year.  I will pass on that.  We are familiar with the Clemson way of doing things.  Win some games.  Lose one here and then lose a couple YOU NEVER SHOULD HAVE LOST in the first place. 

After Clemson loses to Alabama, Wake Forest, and one more along the way, the Tigers will end the season with a 9–3 record and receive a bowl bid.  Oh yeah, and Bowden will NOT be fired.