Giants Round Table: To Trade or Not to Trade?

Evan AczonSenior Analyst IJuly 19, 2008

In the first edition of the San Francisco Giants Round Table, I saw down with the top Giants writers and discussed the topic of the trade deadline. Should the Giants be buyers or sellers? Should they keep the team as-is? Or should they make a move and try to stay even with the competition in the weak National League West?

Personally, I believe that the strategy so far this year has been doing fine. Like I've stated in previous articles, the Giants were projected as last place this year, in the WHOLE National League.

Being far from that, I think that the Giants should stay content with just surpassing expectations. There's no reason to trade away the veterans, who bring tons of wisdom and stability to the clubhouse, to make a run at which would be a short post-season experience.

So, keep the veterans like Ray Durham, Randy Winn, and Rich Aurilia. But, at the same time, make sure that the players taking their places are well-experienced and well-groomed. A perfect example is the relationship between Omar Vizquel and Emmanuel Burriss. Why not have that relationship continue with Aurilia and John Bowker, or Randy Winn and Fred Lewis?

If they find a right deal that helps the team in the rebuilding process, then pull the trigger, but a quick-fix band-aid on something that needs surgery is NOT the way to go.

I sat down with some of the top Giants writers and asked them what they thought: Greg Caggiano, Claire Reclosado, and Daniel Penza.

Greg: Look for veterans like Rich Aurilia, Ray Durham, and Randy Winn to be dealt on July 30th. Of the three, Winn is probably the best of the trade bait because he can hit and steal bases.

The results could go either way; an infusion of youth and players who are trying extra hard could put more runs on the board. But unfortunately, the exact opposite may happen as a bunch of nervous youngsters can make the offense worse then what it is.
Only time will tell but I guarentee all Giants' fans that over the next few seasons this team will develop into a fast, exciting, and young team and combine that youthful exuberance with their pitching staff, and they will soon be a playoff contender.

Claire: Even if it were possible to trade for players who may be able to catapult the team into the playoffs (ummm.. ya, fat chance), the Giants need to focus on building for the future. The team has fantastic young players—Burriss, Bowker, and Velez are the ones I am the most happy with.

My opinion? Make some deals if it helps the team in the long run; say no to quick fixes—they're pointless.

Daniel: I think it is vital that the Giants get what they can for the likes of
Randy Winn, Ray Durham and anybody else who has some kind of trade value.
They need to keep building the foundation of the team with young talent.

The Giants must keep building through the draft, but fans have to remember that every pick is going not to be like Tim Lincecum. Outside of Nate Scheirholtz, the Giants' top prospects (Villalona, Bumgarner, Alderson) are at least two years away. So patience is going to have to be present with the fans because it's going to be a few years until the youngsters finally hit Double-A and Triple-A.


It seems that the consensus is, for all you Giants fans, be patient. The front office is finally coming to their senses about building a TEAM, not just Barry and Co., and it will take a couple years of not contending to get there. But its still nice (in my opinion) to have a few veterans around.