What We Know and Who Might It Be The Masked Man From The Ses?

james nottelingContributor IMay 15, 2010

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Hi Guys,

Here are all the features we know                                                     

Skin: White

Ring Attire: Work boots, jeans and ses jumper

Finisher: Cross Rhodes

Sex: Male

Build: 180-250 pounds most likely

What happened this past Friday was genius on the part of the wwe, I admit it. I was so happy to see Rey get his hands on the masked man but guess what it was serena and the masked man attacked him from behind.

When will he be exposed? I believe it will be Over the limit simply because rey will catch him when he tries to get a quick hit on him rey will get him and expose him but it is most likely rey will lose because wwe can't afford to lose the ses but also I think rey will stay face because of his merchandise, he is the hottest guy on the wwe market besides cena.

If rey does lose i believe it will be like the Shawn Michaels and Jbl stable. Rey doesn't want to be with them but he has to.

I don't understand why the ses want rey so much when they want to be a super heel stable and why they bash him up week in week out.

Coming to who it is well my best guess is it is a mid carder that is heel and has had a bit of light but never been brought up to the spot light. These guys are ziggler and rhodes. Although it could be anyone maybe even a brand new guy it would have to be a storyline that shocks us when he is unmasked.

With ziggler's famous sleeper hold i don't think it could be him when he is beating guys like master, kane and the great khali.

That leaves the youngest son of the famous dusty rhodes. He had no storylines to work on and his brother is on Raw. He is a very good tag superstar and has been world tag team champion. He could be the final touch to the SES domination period Cm Punk the World Heavyweight Champion with valet serena. Cody Rhodes and Luke Gallows the unified tag champs and rey mysterio the slave if he stays face but if he does go heel he'll be intercontinental champion.

Many would say why i didn't have serena as women’s champion and this is because she can beat layla and a fluke if she beats McCool but she is only going to run into a brick wall aka Beth Phoenix. I think her valet role suits her and it's better than being a once thought diva and going back to FCW.

With that said what do you guys think?

Who is he?

Will he be ever unmasked?