Ted Dibiase:The Fortunate Son Looks Promising

John GarzaContributor IMay 15, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  (L-R) Wrestlers Ted DiBiase, Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes appear during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images


Welcome to the 2nd in a series of articles detailing the stars of tomoroww that you didnt even know existed.The first one was about Dolph ziggler,the future of smackdown.

But that was then. And this is now.And this is a lamp.And this...is Ted dibiase,The fortunate son.

He debuted barely 2 years ago in a tag team championship(Sorry i forgot which one)match "Against" Cody rhodes and Hardcore holly.He revealed that his mystery partner was really Rhodes and the Legacy was born.

He has made a slight impact in the short time hes been here(Unlike a certain world champion...).He has shown his talent in the ring time and time again,no matter how limited it is.

His mic skills aren't too shabby either.His promos(unlike cody rhodes)havent made me question why i watch wrestling and go play golf.GOLF.Rhodes sucks that much.Golf isnt even a sport,its a passtime!But thats another aricle for another day.

He has dissapointed,after all hes not perfect.His paying off of the colons is very unoriginal.Again another article for another day.His matches are very sub-par compared to even that of cody rhodes(That reminds me,you should go see iron man,it has a great Cap.USA cameo.).

He is a future World champ.You cant deny that he has more talent than Rhodes and(I hate using this analogy)hes the Shawn michaels and Cody is the JTG.HA.Tricked ya' huh?

What do you think though?Is he great?Is he Awesome?Or is he the best in the world at what he does?

This article is dedicated to my dead goldfish,Goldy the 5th.I probably shouldnt have put a paper bag over your bowl when it needed to be cleaned(Ya get the reference?).I will remember you until i get Goldy the 6th.