Daring To Defend the O-Zone: Will Orlando Jordan's Segment Succeed?

Slam HoustonCorrespondent IMay 14, 2010

Indications from the Internet community suggest that few people enjoyed the segment and even fewer would actually admit it.

Personally, I thought it was creepy, although I did find some potential among the dim lights and excessive innuendos.

The first installment of the O-Zone wasn’t great, by any means, but with the right direction and a refined character, Orlando Jordan and his new interview segment could push TNA to new heights.

As he proclaimed last night, Jordan truly is TNA’s “Wild Card.”

There have been many successful interview segments in the past, Piper’s Pit, The Flower Shop, and The Brother Love Show all introduced us to great rivalries and plot twists. These shows were hosted by Roddy Piper, Adrian Adonis, and Brother Love, respectively.

As is Orlando Jordan, all of these characters were not viewed favorably.

You know the basis of the Jordan character, you can dispute or support that matter among yourselves.

For now, let’s just say that he isn’t well received among the wrestling fans, as were the others. With that, the O-Zone has one vital mutual component with these previous interview segments, a despised host.

The main concern I have with the O-Zone is how it is used to solely push Jordan’s agenda, albeit just one show at this point.

I would rather see him interview someone, or a feuding duo, without acting upon any self-serving objectives.

It would be more appealing for Jordan to host a debate between Beer Money and the Motor City Machine Guns.

How about a Sacrifice contract signing between A.J. Styles and Rob Van Dam?

What if he interviewed another heel? Would you not be intrigued to see Hall and Nash as guests?

It would give more substance to the segment instead of relinquishing too much impetus to the sexuality premise.

Jordan’s persona may need to be scaled back as well.

I understand TNA may want to overplay certain aspects during the initial development of his character.

An immediate impact or an unanticipated shock factor is usually the blueprint for creating an effective wrestling personality, but I’m hoping his current form will soon fade into a more tolerable revision.

Maybe something more in line with Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno character? After all, the Bruno movie raked in nearly $60 million at the box office.

Another consideration must be the consistency of the show.

A weekly segment would be overbearing and could exhaust TNA’s efforts too quickly. Monthly installments would seem too erratic and could give the show a misplaced or obligatory impression. A more suitable schedule would be a bi-weekly program. (Get it? 'bi'-weekly?)

I am not saying I completely support giving Jordan his own show.

There are several other wrestlers that may be more capable of conducting an interview segment. Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal…heck, even Shark Boy seems more capable, but this is what TNA has dealt us, “The Wild Card” Orlando Jordan.

For me, it’s too soon to deem it a bad choice and I surely can’t declare it a success.

But, for the sake of TNA, I’m hoping it can someday achieve the success of its talk show predecessors.