Not Just Another Preview Of WWE Friday Night Smackdown: No Spoilers

Christopher DunfeeContributor IIMay 14, 2010

Preview Of WWE Friday Night Smackdown - No Spoilers

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Tonight on Friday Night Smackdown, it looks like a solid overall show, there are some things I don't want to see and others I can't wait to see. Here is my WWE Friday Night Smackdown preview.

The WWE Creative Team for some reason thought it would be a great idea to have Kane and Chavo Guerrero face each other and begin to feud. Poor Kane hasn't been used right in so long, it's honestly heartbreaking, he doesn't look like the big Red Machine anymore (not physically, booking wise). The same can be said for Chavo Guerrero, he is a great talented in-ring wrestler and not so bad on the mic. But the last thing I remember enjoying was when he was teaming with Eddie Guerrero several years ago. Since then Chavo has become nothing but a joke to WWE Creative, much like Santino Marella. So yes, on tonights edition of Smackdown we will see Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero. Good luck CHAVO!

What an odd pairing, MVP & JTG are teaming up together for the first time to face Caylen Croft & Trent Barretta. I am a huge fan of tag teams, but I am from Miami, I want MVP to have a serious push already. I see MVP as a strong mid-carder and even possibly be featured in a few Main Events on Smackdown. I am tired of seeing MVP team up with random people. We have seen MVP & Mysterio, MVP & Matt Hardy, MVP & Mark Henry and now MVP & JTG, when will it just be MVP?! Nonetheless I am interested to see what kind of energy and chemistry MVP & JTG have together. Because if it works, I will be a fan. At the end of the day, I think that the WWE needs more serious Tag Teams, and not just some random pairings like JeriShow, ShowMiz or JeriMiz, we all know they will be together for a few months and break up. Give us the LOD's, the Team 3d's, the Nasty Boys, the Hart Foundation, we want it, SO GIVE IT!

A match I am truly looking forward to is Kofi Kingston vs. Christian in the Tournament Final to determine the new WWE Intercontinental Champion. Kofi Kingston is definitely not my favorite (gimmick), but he is a great in-ring worker. Kingston vs. Christian should be a great match, if given the time. I am honestly looking forward to this match and cant wait to see this tonight. Although, I think WWE made a mistake here by putting this on free TV, this is a PPV caliber match, but hey thats just me. I guess I shouldn't be b*tching cause I am getting it for free. 

Now to the Main Event, WTF? are you doing WWE? Rey Mysterio Vs. CM Punk again, its on free TV, they are going to face each other in two weeks at Over The Limit, why would you but this match on Smackdown! two weeks before they are wrestling on a live PPV? Then they ask themselves why are PPV buys so low lately, here is your answer, they don't give the fans something to look forward too because its been done to death. These to men do a great job in the ring and have extremely great chemistry. I think they are both great talents, but the booking of this match was premature, and shouldn't have been made on Smackdown. I know there are spoilers out there, and I haven't read them, but I do know this is the Main Event on tonights show. WHY? Lets say WWE does have a botch ending to the match, it still doesn't make sense to put this match on, especially when these two men have been feuding since before Wrestlemania 26 and put several good matches on the past few PPV's.

On tonights Smackdown we will also see Champion Jack Swagger, Big Show, Layla, Vickie Guerrero, Theodore R. Long, Beth Phoenix & more.

That feels good, got that off my chest.

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