WWE Over the Limit: A Fresh Start on the Road to Summerslam

Jersey Strong Jay@@PWPowerhouseCorrespondent IIMay 13, 2010

WWE is notorious for slacking after Wrestlemania.  Each and every year since the end of "The Attitude Era", there has been a steady downward trend in ratings and overall interest.

Fortunately, WWE will bring to you a new Pay-Per-View entitled "Over The Limit" which takes the place of multiple different titles in years past, but most notably, "Judgement Day."  This year, WWE will attempt to tie up some loose ends and start building towards their second biggest show of the year, "Summerslam."

As of press time, "Over The Limit" will feature the end of a feud involving two of the biggest stars in WWE history, John Cena and Batista.  These two always seem to provide an entertaining match and there is no doubt that they will do the same on May 23rd.  With the "I Quit" match stipulation and the recent rumblings of Batista's vexation in the WWE Universe, this could be the final time we see Batista for quite some time.

What could be next for the WWE Champion after "Over The Limit?"  I see something fresh and new for John Cena.  With a new concept Pay-Per-View in June entitled "Fatal 4 Way", chances are Cena will compete in a four-way match.  Hopefully, some new, fresh talent is elevated into the spotlight with a chance to win the WWE Champoinship.

Jack Swagger and The Big Show poses a very unique altercation between two contrasting styles.  Big Show has always been the guy to put over the new World Heavyweight Champion and make him look like a star.  Up and down the line, Big Show has wrestled just about every champion that there has been in the last 6 years, and aside from Rob Van Dam, he put over each and every one.

This is why Jack Swagger will continue his push and start rolling into this year's "Summerslam" as the World Heavyweight Champion.

The final altercation, more than likely, will also take place for Rey Mysterio and CM Punk.  The most intriguing WWE storyline will come to an end at "Over The Limit" and there is no doubt that these two will deliver.

With a heavy heart, I must predict that CM Punk will walk out of The Joe Louis Arena completely bald.

How will this change his character?  What will the ramifications be?  I personally see a meaner, more ruthless CM Punk after his final battle with Rey Mysterio at "Over The Limit." 

The rivalry between Edge and Randy Orton has just begun and by all indications, will continue throughout the Summer of 2010.  I see Edge taking the first victory in this rivalry to continue the program into the next Pay-Per-View. 

After the split of Rated RKO in 2007, there was never a feud between the two that had the time to build any kind of heat.  They had a one-off match on RAW, which was very good, and went their seperate ways with Edge heading to Smackdown.  This gives WWE a chance to retrace their steps, so to speak, and give these two a feud that they deserve. 

On a side note, I pray that WWE Creative keeps Edge and Randy Orton as FAR AWAY from John Cena and Triple H as possible.

And last, but not least, is another make-shift tag team featuring Chris Jericho and The Miz going for the Unified Tag Team Titles against The Hart Dynasty.  Now, on paper, The Hart Dynasty doesn't have a chance because The Miz and Chris Jericho are both on the top of their respective games right now.

I feel that The Hart Dynasty needs this victory and a solid run with the titles to solidify themselves as the real deal of the tag team division.

I am sure between now and "Over The Limit", more matches will be added. 

But whether you were a fan of "The Lex Express" or "The Highway to Hell", the Road to Summerslam will officially kick off after the "Over The Limit" Pay-Per-View.


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