Creature vs. Creature: A Grim Fate Named Brett Rogers Awaits Overeem

Robert GardnerSenior Analyst IMay 13, 2010

Welcome fight fans to another rousing edition of “Creature vs. Creature”, where two of your favorite B/R writers square off for fight-picking supremacy.

My counterpart for this edition will be none other than the infamous Colton Whittemore .

Young Mr. Whittemore is mistaken once again as he believes that reigning Strikeforce heavyweight champion—I use that term lightly—Alistair Overeem will be victorious against challenger, Brett Rogers.

Not only is Rogers going to claim the Strikeforce title this weekend, he is going to do so by exposing Overeem’s well-known glass chin.

Overeem is a solid fighter. He is a K-1 level striker with a sound submission game and he is a physical specimen—whether or not his physique is pharmaceutically enhanced is neither here nor there—but, the one glaring weakness Overeem has is his inability to take a punch.

Against the heavy-hitting Rogers, a weak chin is the last thing you want to have.

Standing 6’4” and coming in right at the heavyweight limit of 265 lbs., Rogers is a mountain of a man and he has the ability to destroy anything in his path.

On paper it would appear that Overeem should win this matchup as he is the more technical and experienced fighter, but what Rogers lacks in technique and experience he more than makes up for with power and hunger.

Hunger is an often overlooked component when breaking down fights and examining matchups because it is impossible to quantify but it is a very important aspect to keep in mind—especially in this matchup.

Rogers has a hunger and desire to be the best that Overeem lacks. Overeem may talk a big game about why he hasn’t defended the Strikeforce belt since winning it back in November of 2007 but a real champion defends his title to continually prove why he is the best no matter who the challenger is.

Overeem is nothing more than a paper champion until he defends that belt—and too bad for him—Rogers is ready, willing, and able to take it away from him before he has that chance.

There’s no denying that Overeem—with his K-1 experience—has more weapons, but its Rogers who has the real fire power.

All of Rogers’ 10 wins have come via KO or TKO and Overeem will just be another notch in the belt when this one is over.

This fight isn’t going to be an epic back-and-forth battle; this is going to be a slug-fest that ends with Overeem lying face down on the canvas before the end of the second round.

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