CM Punk: Hardcore, Straight Edge, and Overrated

Nick CasoAnalyst IJuly 19, 2008

Since debuting in 2006 on ECW CM Punk has taken the WWE world by storm.  He has won the ECW World Title and the World Heavyweight Championship, not to mention the Money in the Bank at WrestleMania XXIV.  He has inspired many with his "straight edge, hardcore" lifestyle by abstaining from drugs and alcohol.  Punk is a huge fan favorite and has been since day one.  After he became the biggest name on ECW, he was drafted to Raw where he will be in the spotlight every Monday night.

But why?

He is the most overrated wrestler in the business.  He has won two world titles, one of which he was handed.  The only reason that Punk won the ECW Title is because of John Morrison's suspension for a failed drug test.  He was not in the original plans but because of the circumstances the WWE had to think of a new storyline quick, and that is what they came up with.  Just a few weeks ago, Punk won the World Heavyweight Title from Edge after he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, a contract that he should not have had in the first place. 

Punk was able to win the title after Batista beat Edge like a "government mule."  He pulled a trick out of Edge's playbook by running down to the ring to take advantage of his beaten opponent.  This is the only way that Punk had a chance of beating the "Rated R Superstar."  If they had wrestled each other in a real match with both at full strength, Edge would have destroyed Punk.  This was the only way that the WWE could sell his victory.

You might be saying, "Well he earned the right after he won the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania."

Here's the thing: he didn't earn anything in that match. 

As always in this type of match, Shelton Benjamin stole the show.  Benjamin once again was the highlight of the match as he was thrown off of a ladder in the ring, onto a ladder suspended between the ring and the barricade, breaking it in half.  But as always, the WWE failed to give Benjamin his dues as they awarded the contract to Punk.

The WWE has even said that they do not think Punk would have the career that they had hoped for.  They compared him to Matt Hardy and his singles career.  This means they expected him to win some major singles titles and be a huge fan favorite but not be much more than a "mid-carder"

Now I ask you, "what makes CM Punk so special?"

He does not have a huge variety of moves.  Almost everyone one of his matches consists of him doing the same five-or-six attacks.  He is not hardcore at all like he claims to be.  Hell, I have seen Hornswoggle in more hardcore matches than Punk.  CM Punk has not earned the right to call himself hardcore.  As for his "straight edge" gimmick, I really do not buy into it like many people do.  Who cares if you don't drink or do drugs, does that make you better than someone who has a beer every now-and-then?

Punk comes out parading around saying that he is clean, who cares?  I'm sure there are other wrestlers who are clean as well, but they don't come out to the ring bragging that they don't do any of that stuff.  I say, "good for you, no need to tell the world!"

I do not think it is fair to some of the guys who have paid their dues that this guy with little talent comes in to the company and runs the show.  What about Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, or even Carlito for that matter.

Until Punk can prove he is worthy of all the praise he is getting, the verdict is in: OVERRATED!