Four Reasons Why The Florida Gators Will Win The National Championship.

Micah GreenCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2008

Even with a very tough SEC schedule, a defense that was less than spectacular, and with every other defense in the SEC gunning for superman, I have four reasons for believing the Florida Gators will make it TWO national championships in THREE years. Here are these reasons:

1.) The Offense

Well, this one was easy:

Tim Tebow returns to lead the attack, after becoming the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy last season. He has all the receivers he can ask for, and an offensive line starting three seniors, and a prodigy in Maurkice Pouncy, who is expected to garner all SEC honors this season. I always thought Percy Harvin was one of a kind. That was, until Chris Rainey came along. Although Rainey is not as good as or as experienced as Harvin, Rainey had an unbelievable spring, and runs a 4.24 forty. He's on a fast track to become a Percy Harvin.

2.) The Defense

The reason I put the defense is because Florida has all the tools to become a great defense. Last season, true freshmen were thrown into the fire. Unfortunately, I really do not want to talk about it. However, in College Football, experience is almost everything. With a year under their belt, the secondary will be average. The linebacker core will be among the top in the nation, with Brandon Spikes leading the way. The defensive line will surprise the country, with defensive ends, Carlos Dunlap and Jermaine Cunningham, taking over games with their pass rush ability.

3.) Georgia

Obviously, the Florida-Georgia game will be one for the ages. As much as this will be a game for the ages, Florida comes out on top for one reason: the end zone celebration tape. Urban Meyer will play that tape a thousand times, and then some. That tape will put fire in an already angry team's eyes. I think that Georgia will be ranked #1 at this time, with Florida ranked #3. The win will propel Florida to #1.

4.) The SEC Championship

Florida will make the SEC championship, by beating Georgia out by one game. In the SEC Championship Game, the Florida Gators will play, and defeat, LSU (for the second time this season). This will send the Gators over any other team without a conference championship. Oh, and by the way, poor little Ohio State is the team knocked out.