Mats Sundin Not to Make Decision Until Late August?

Jordan VertoneAnalyst IJuly 19, 2008

Mats Sundin is taking all the time he needs to make his decision about his playing future. Speculation continues surrounding his situation as both Montreal and Vancouver have come out publicly saying the they expect him to sign with their clubs.

The Leafs have not come out publicly about Mats' situation, unless asked about, and they never directly told the media anything. So does this mean the Leafs don’t think they have a chance to resign their Captain?

The answer is NO!

The Leafs are still heavily involved with Mats Sundin and could be the main reason why Mats is taking so long. In fact, rumours are spreading that the Canadiens and Canucks are not even being considered by the big power forward, and that his only two options in his mind are The Leafs or retirement.

Well, we most likely won’t hear the answer from Mats about where and if he will play until what seems to be around late August, as he continues to think about all of his options with his family back in Sweden.

Leaf Nation lost hope maybe just a little to soon as Mats Sundin may show his loyalty to the Maple Leafs once again this summer. The Leafs were lost in all of the rumours within the Canucks and Canadiens organizations.

The Leafs stayed quiet, have not pressured him, and are giving him all the time that he wants and needs. Maybe Sundin likes how the Leafs have handled themselves in this situation, enough so to possibly return and help them to start with their promising rebuilding stage. However that would come at a cost of not winning a Stanley Cup which he so much deserves over his great career.

With the Rangers out of the mix due to their overall salary, only those three teams are left, and as the days count down to next season, the Sundin sweepstakes will only get more and more intense.

That leaves us only with these questions:

  • Will the Canucks bid to Sundin of $10 million, and the suggestion that he has the chance to be on the Swedish Olympic team in front of his team's city, be enough?
  • With Montreal being the biggest Stanley Cup contender, will they bring the power forward farther east and back into Quebec, where his Hall of Fame career all started?
  • Is Mats Sundin unable to leave the place where he is loved by all and spent most of his career with, to help them rebuild before he walks off into the sunset?
  • Will Mats Sundin and his family decide that it is time to retire and stay and possibly play in Sweden?

Hopefully we will find out sooner than later. Also (just in case, for my safety), if Sundin does not come back to the big TO, I am not to blame for any hopes and hearts I may have broken in Leafs Nation! So let’s just hope he returns shall we.