The Ultimate Fighter Season 11: Episode Seven Recap

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IMay 13, 2010

LAS VEGAS - NOVEMBER 21: Tito Ortiz (R) battles Forrest Griffin (L) during their Light Heavyweight Fight at the UFC 106 at Mandalay Bay Events Center on November 21, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
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The show opened with a review of Nick Ring’s victory over Court McGee.


Tito Ortiz criticized Ring’s movement inside the cage.


Ring told the doctor that he has an issue with his knee.


Fight Announcement:


Ortiz announced the last first round match will be Joe Henle against Seth Baczynski


Team Ortiz Training Session:


Ortiz talked about Baczynski being a hard worker.


Baczynski thanked Ortiz for giving him an opportunity on his team.


At the House:


Joe Henle talked about accidentally falling into the sport with Rich Attonito.


Team Liddell Training Session:


Liddell and Howard Davis commented about Henle’s lack of experience.


Team Ortiz Training Session:


Nick Ring fell down during a sparring session.


Ortiz talked about the possibility of Ring having a torn knee ligament.




McGee talked about Baczynski having good hands but thought that Henle could submit him.


Hammortree hyped Seth Baczynski and said he is going for blood.


Team Ortiz Training Session:


Ortiz discussed the opportunity at the wild card spot.


Hammortree said that he deserved the shot at the wild card.


Kyacey Uscola said that he is pretty sure he is going to be in the wild card bout.


Joe Henle 3-0 vs. Seth Baczynski 11-5 Fight:


Round One


Both the fighters touched gloves on top of the Burger King logo.


Henle went straight for the takedown and got it.


Baczynski threw up his legs and got a triangle choke. Henle fought through it and escaped.


Baczynski attempts a guillotine choke where Henle used some heart and escaped.


Henle got north-south position and slides in for a guillotine choke attempt.


Baczynski escaped but Henle ended up taking his back.


Baczynski escaped into Henle’s guard.


Baczynski does some weak ground-n-pound to end the round.


Round Two


Baczynski goes right for a knee to start the round.


They traded some punches and clinched.


Baczynski got the takedown but Henle fell into his half-guard.


Baczynski fought for a kimura without avail.


Henle took his back and struggled for a rear naked choke by the cage.


Baczynski did some fancy cage walking to escape and attempted a weak armbar.


Henle took top position and tried to inflict some damage.


Baczynski tried desperately to stand back up but Henle held him down.


Henle passes Baczynski’s guard and got side control.


Baczynski finally got up and nearly landed a fly knee on Henle.


Henle took Baczynski’s back who then reversed it.

Baczynski took Henle’s back and secured a rear naked choke where he was saved by the bell.


Round Three


Both fighters touched gloves and Baczynski got the take down right way.


Henle held on to a kimura lock but couldn’t pull it off.


Baczynski landed some decent left hands from half guard.


Henle replaced full guard but still took some punishment.


Henle looked exhausted and didn’t look like he had much fight left in him.


Winner Announced:


Seth Baczynski wins a unanimous decision after three rounds.


Joe Henle appeared to have won everyone’s respect with his heart.


Wild Card Fight Announced:


Dana White announced that Kyacey Uscola would fight Kris McCray in the Wild Card bout.


Court McGee took Rich Attonito’s spot.


Preview for the next episode:


Uscola and McCray will be fighting to get into a quarter-final spot.


Dana White will mediate a coaches’ summit to decide the quarter-final matches.


Dana White will make an announcement that will give another fighter a second chance.


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