The Weekly Buzz

Big Red NetworkSenior Writer IJuly 18, 2008

The buzz this week: high expectations surround Marlon Lucky, low expectations surround the rest of the team, and a congratulations to former Husker soccer players.

» A conference media poll picked Marlon Lucky for the preseason All-Big 12 team. Let's hope that Lucky can live up to the high expectations placed upon his shoulders. Regardless of my favoritism towards him, if he doesn't step up, there are plenty of Running Backs on this squad more than willing to take his place.

» Apparently, Lucky's going to be the only positive thing on this team! At least that's the way you'd see it if you listened to all these news outlets. Fortunately, we've got some breakdowns coming up next week that may prove otherwise. It's a good thing that I get all of my Husker news from the greatest, most unbiased source on the web - the Big Red Network!

» For my "side note" of the week, I've got to say good job to the former Husker soccer players who have made the Canadian team headed to the Olympics in Beijing this year. Now, I don't normally cheer for Canadians to beat Americans, but I think fellow Husker alum are about the only reason I would ever do it.