UFC 116, WANDERLEI SILVA, You Are No Lizzy Borden Any More!

jason hughesCorrespondent IMay 12, 2010

 Wanderlei Silva at one time was just down right the scariest fighter in all of MMA, and I don't think many will argue that.

UFC 116, has "The Axe Murderer" fighting an enigma in Yoshihiro "SEXYAMA" Akiyama!

Has the one time striker in Silva run out of ways to get a crowd of blood thirsty fans pumped, well no but his killer instinct is seemingly   falling farther in between fights.

Now he must fight the most underrated fighter in his "new " division in "Sexyama" and I do not like his chances.

Alan Belcher has risen to contender status with his win over a very "ring rusted " Patrick Cote, but it was quite a while back when Akiyama proved his worth as a fighter beating Belcher in a very close match.

Since then Akiyama has stayed under the spotlight and dormant, which I do not know if it his doing or the UFC'S but he should have been more active to keep his name from dropping off the face of the earth.

Akiyama or "Sexyama" can and probably will present a lot of problems for the "Axe Murderer" since Wanderlei Silva has slipped into gatekeeper country, like it or not.

Yes he did beat up on everybody's red-headed stepchild in Michael "The Count" Bisping but that was expected of him.

I do not see things turning out the same however for Silva in his next fight with Akiyama for he is a solid Judoka with a great deal of hand speed and is very skilled when mounted, however getting people down and mounting them is not Wanderlei's specialty.

What I am looking for is Wanderlei to want to stand and bang out punches with Akiyama which the Japanese/Korean dualship fighter can and will likely weather.

Then look for for the takedowns to come into play,Judo style of course, with Yosihiro getting the majority of them , frustrating the once "mass murderer" of the ring.

Wanderlei Silva , who's six to seven year run in MMA as a brutal assasin is over with.

 He is now just an ordinary fighter with an ocassional killer knockout for the highlight reels. As a matter of fact if Wandelei Silva can't get to the top of his new division soon I look for the "Hall Of Fame" fighter to call it quits in the near future. Lets hope he can go out that way instead of being fired by Dana White!

Yoshihiro Akiyama , who is 13 and 1 with two nc's has not fought in one year since his battle with Alan Belcher, even though he looked spectacular in the fight, it has been Belcher who has remained the more active fighter in the cage and has looked solid doing it.

Akiyama can not continue to fight at a snail's pace and expect the UFC brass to really take him as a legit contender. He has the tools to fight with the class of the division, with a great repotoire of moves and a has very good stamina inside the cage.

Akiyama recovered very quick with the orbital bone fracture suffered in the Belcher fight, which in my opinion was one of the better fights of last year, but that is the problem,  "LAST YEAR", now after turning down several fights offered to him he will finaly get his shot at the legendary Wanderlei " The Axe Murderer" Silva! ..........GOD SPEED YOU EMPORERER!