Baseball: All- National League East Division Team

D.A.Senior Writer IJuly 18, 2008

Catcher: Brian McCann (Atl)
McCann leads NL East catchers with 97 hits, 18 HR, 56 RBI, .301 average, and .938 OPS.

First Base: Ryan Howard (Phi)
Howard is very far ahead of NL East first basemen with 85 RBI and 29 HR. He also has 86 hits and an .840 OPS.

Second Base: Chase Utley (Phi)
Utley leads NL East second basemen with a .294 average, 25 HR, 75 RBI, and 108 hits.

Shortstop: Hanley Ramirez (Fla)
By far the strongest position in the NL East with five amazing shortstops. Ramirez leads NL East shortstops with 23 HR,  45 RBI, and a .956 OPS. He's batting .311 with 117 hits and 23 stolen bases.

Third Base: Chipper Jones (Atl)
Jones leads NL East third basemen with a 1.084 OPS, 113 hits, .375 average, and 18 HR. He also has 51 RBI.

Outfield: Pat Burrell (Phi)
Burrell leads NL East outfielders with 23 HR and .977 OPS. He also has 57 RBI with a .274 average.

Outfield: Carlos Beltran (Nym)
Beltran is a top-five NL East outfielder with 67 RBI, 98 hits, 15 HR. He's batting .270 with a .846 OPS.

Outfield: Ryan Church (Nym)
Church is a top-five NL East outfielder with a .307 average and .882 OPS. He also has 36 RBI and 10 HR.

Starting Pitcher: Jair Jurrjens (Atl)
Jurrjens leads NL East starters with a 3.00 ERA. He also has nine wins, 81 strikeouts, and a 1.32 WHIP.

Starting Pitcher: Johan Santana (Nym)
Santana is a top-three NL East pitcher with a 3.10 ERA, eight wins, and 116 strikeouts. He has a 1.22 WHIP.

Starting Pitcher: Cole Hamels (Phi)
Hamels leads NL East starters 126 strikeouts, .214 BAA, and 1.02 WHIP.  He has a 3.15 ERA and nine wins.

Starting Pitcher: Tim Hudson (Atl)
Hudson has a 1.18 WHIP, 10 wins, and a 3.31 ERA.

Starting Pitcher: Ricky Nolasco (Fla)
Nolasco has 10 wins, a 1.19 WHIP, 93 strikeouts, and a 3.78 ERA.

Closer: Brad Lidge (Phi)
Lidge leads NL East closers with a 1.10 ERA, .177 BAA, and 56 strikeouts. He is 21/21 in save opportunities.

Batting Order:

1. Hanley Ramirez
2. Ryan Church
3. Chase Utley
4. Ryan Howard
5. Chipper Jones
6. Carlos Beltran
7. Pat Burrell
8. Brian McCann
9. Jair Jurrjens