All NL West Team

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All NL West Team

Catcher: Russell Martin (LA)
Martin leads NL West catchers with a .296 average, 10 HR, and 99 hits. He also has 46 RBI, 10 stolen bases, and an .833 OPS.

First Base: Adrian Gonzalez (SD)
Gonzalez leads NL West first basemen with 71 RBI, 22 HR, 104 hits, and .507 slugging. He's batting .279 and has a .349 OBP.

Second Base: Orlando Hudson (Ari)
Hudson leads NL West second basemen with a .306 batting average, 102 hits, and .462 slugging. He also has 7 HR and 39 RBI (only trailing Jeff Kent).

Shortstop: Stephen Drew (Ari)
Arguably the weakest position in the NL West. Drew leads NL shortstops with 33 RBI, 12 HR, and 91 hits. He's also slugging .455.

Third Base: Garrett Atkins (Col)
Atkins leads NL West third basemen with a .306 batting average, 115 hits, and .823 OPS. He also has 55 RBI and 14 HR (only trailing Mark Reynolds).

Outfield: Matt Holliday (Col)
Holliday leads NL West outfielders with a .331 average, .967 OPS, 53 RBI, 15 HR, and 105 hits.

Outfield: Aaron Rowand (SF)
Rowand is top-five in most offensive categories with a .291 average, 49 RBI, 97 hits, and .812 OPS.

Outfield: Matt Kemp (LA)
Kemp is top-five in most offensive categories with a .285 average, 52 RBI, and 98 hits. He also has 10 HR.

Starting Pitcher: Tim Lincecum (SF)
Lincecum leads NL West starters with a 2.57 ERA and 135 strikeouts. He also has a 1.25 WHIP.

Starting Pitcher: Brandon Webb (Ari)
Webb leads NL West starters with 13 wins. He also has a 3.23 ERA, 100 strikeouts, and 1.16 WHIP.

Starting Pitcher: Dan Haren (Ari)
Haren leads NL West starters with a 0.95 WHIP and .211 BAA. He has a 2.72 ERA, eight wins, and 112 strikeouts.

Starting Pitcher: Chad Billingsley (LA)
Billingsley has 128 strikeouts, nine wins, 3.25 ERA, and a 1.30 WHIP.

Starting Pitcher: Jake Peavy (SD)
Peavy has a 2.66 ERA, 1.12 WHIP, and 100 strikeouts.

Closer: Takashi Saito (LA)
Saito leads NL West closers with a 2.18 ERA and 53 strikeouts. He also has 17 saves.

Batting Order:

1. Stephen Drew
2. Aaron Rowand
3. Matt Holliday
4. Adrian Gonzalez
5. Garrett Atkins
6. Matt Kemp
7. Russell Martin
8. Orlando Hudson
9. Tim Lincecum


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