Football Is The New Baseball

Brian GaylordCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2008

There hasn't been this much taunting, flaunting and haunting since the 2007-2008 NFL season ended. And that’s just from the fans.

Okay, see “Favre” for haunting.


It used to be that baseball never really went away, like an incessant Little League chant that rings in your ears long after the last batter has whiffed. It used to be that once baseball season ended, fans clamored for more Major League chatter.


No more. Football talk has taken up residence as the off-season American pastime of choice.


It already held that position before the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field was turned into a cryogenics experiment: Freeze Favre until a future Packers management wants his services. 


Whither the Hot Stove League? That dying flame now licks the NFL's boots.


Drone on about baseball in the off-season, and 260 pounds of fullback will trample you where you sit.


If you're Tyree-d of hearing about "The Catch II," your mood isn't likely to improve any time soon.


The scheming and off-season play calling by today’s NFL fan is at a torrid pace. And we haven’t even reached training camp. Oh, the long hours yet to come of breaking down game film.


We’re a nation of Monday morning quarterbacks … even in July.


Even LaDainian Tomlinson wants in on the chatter, openly campaigning to be everyone’s No. 1 Fantasy Football pick. It's in the sport.