MLB Power Rankings

D.A.Senior Writer IJuly 18, 2008

30. Washington Nationals—the worst team in baseball, have lost eight out of their last 10, and their RBI leader only has 37 RBI.

29. San Diego Padres—the one bright spot is Adrian Gonzalez. Other than him, this team is terrible. Their wins leader has seven wins (and six losses).

28. Seattle Mariners—they released Sexson and have won two in a row. However, their wins leader has six wins (and six losses).

27. San Francisco Giants—they have lost eight out of their last 10, but are still sadly in contention in the NL West.

26. Colorado Rockies—watch out for the Rockies, last year proves that. They've won four out of 10, but batters are starting to heat up.

25. Cleveland Indians—they're coming fresh off a sweep of the surprising Rays and having a positive run differential. However, they don't have a single batter over .300.

24. Kansas City Royals—their -65 run differential is the worst in the American League.

23. Pittsburgh Pirates—their outfield is great. Their pitching is terrible—not one starter has an ERA below 4 or more than 6 wins.

22. Houston Astros—Positives are Berkman, Lee, and Backe. Negative is their best starter (Oswalt) who has a 4.56 ERA and more losses (8) than wins (7).

21. Cincinnati Reds—they've won six of out the last 10, and Dunn is an RBI machine. However, nobody is batting over .280.

20. Atlanta Braves—they've won six out the last 10. Can Chipper continue being a monster?

19. Baltimore Orioles—they've lost eight out of the last 10 and have terrible pitching (excluding Sherrill).

18. Los Angeles Dodgers—they're .500 in the past 10 games and pitchers have given up the fewest runs. Can they catch Arizona?

17. Arizona Diamonbacks—Webb and Haren carry this team that doesn't produce a lot of runs.

16. Toronto Blue Jays—they've won six out of the last 10, but they lack power hitters. Their RBI leader (Wells) is on the disabled list.

15. Detroit Tigers—team inconsistency is sitting at .500. Their pitching is starting to heat up, but is it sustainable?

14. Florida Marlins—Cody Ross is heating up, but the pitching is starting to struggle.

13. Texas Rangers—they've won six out of the last 10 and have scored the most runs, but still have a negative run differential.

12. Oakland A's—they've lost six out of the last 10 and have a great team ERA of 3.39.

11. New York Yankees—they've won six out of the last 10, and Cano empirically heats up the second half.

10. New York Mets—their 10-game winning streak was just snapped, but Delgado is being an offensive juggernaut.

9. Philadelphia Phillies—they have the best bullpen ERA in the MLB and Ryan Howard is on fire.

8. Milwaukee Brewers—will CC Sabathia propel this team to the playoffs? He's certainly playing like he can.

7. Minnesota Twins—Justin Morneau is heating up, but can this young pitching staff continue on their tear?

6. St. Louis Cardinals—have won six out of their last 10 and have winning home AND away records.

5. Chicago White Sox—Jermaine Dye is on a tear and veteran pitchers are returning to old form (hopefully).

4. Boston Red Sox—David Ortiz is set to return soon, but the young pitchers are struggling.

3. Tampa Bay Rays—they snapped their seven-game losing streak with a team victory over the Jays.

2. Chicago Cubs—they have the best run differential (+105) in the MLB.

1. Los Angeles Angels—they have the best record in baseball, the best closer in baseball (K-Rod), and an excellent pitching staff (thankfully for the terrible offense).