WWE Monday Night Raw Review: Monday May 10th

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIMay 11, 2010

Hey guys. Just want to let you all know that this could be the final review I write for Raw for a while. Other matters in my life are dictating the time I spend on B/R. It will only be a short break, maybe two or three weeks. Then again, if matters resolve themselves quickly enough, I may be writing another review next week. However, I will still be on B/R reading and commenting on others articles.

Seg 1) Orton/Edge/Vickie Promo

Firstly, this COULD have been one of the worst segments in Raw history had it not been for Edge. It started off well with Orton but then some annoying little Muppet comes out singing and moving from side to side. I was screaming at the tv while watching and I sighed a breath of relief when Orton RKO'd his ass. You got lucky here WWE, had this continued, you would have lost at least one viewer, in me, for the night. Apart from that, great mic work from Edge and Vickie. Glad to see her back on Raw, even if it was just for one night.

Seg Rating: 3.5/5(That crap at the start really killed the rating)


Seg 2) Jericho vs David Hart Smith

This was a good match for the time given to it, but hell it could have been a whole lot better if given some more time. As I said though, a good match. I'm really starting to like The Hart Dynasty. I like the pairing of Miz and Jericho. It should give Miz and the HD the 'rub.' However, have Miz drop the US Title, possibly to JoMo in a twenty minute thriller next week(with JoMo subbing for Bret). The US title was insignificant enough before Miz was a tag champ, but now it's a joke.

Seg Rating: 2.5/5


Seg 3) R-Truth vs William Regal

This was an angle more than a match. It really speaks volumes of what WWE thinks of William Regal. I think it was disgraceful how this was handled. They could have done a backstage attack instead of this crap. Consistency and fairness is the key to these reviews and I blasted TNA for doing the same thing with a match on last week's iMPACT and I pulled no punches with Raw tonight!

Seg Rating: 0.5/5

Seg 4) Zack Ryder vs Evan Bourne

Again, this was a solid match with the time it was given. Had it been given another five minutes, it could have bee great. At least both men are not forced to job to Hornswoggle! Thank God he's off tv.

Seg Rating: 2.5/5


Seg 5) Cena Promo/Batista & Sheamus Attack

Some good mic work from Cena. Not surprisingly, an I-Quit match is the stipulation for Over the Limit. Looks like Batista is leaving after all. Sheamus is on the way to becoming a monster heel and I like watching him improve week by week and that’s not because he's Irish! Don't know why they had Henry come out for the save. It did nothing for the angle really.

Seg Rating: 4/5


Seg 6) Tyson Kidd vs The Miz

A really poor match - not even a match. I can see Miz dropping the US Title next week either to Hart(as a final thank you and bow out) and the title then being made vacant or preferably, the scenario I outlined above.

Seg Rating: 0.5/5


Seg 7) The NXT Rookies vs JoMo, Tatsu, Goldust & Santino

Why include JoMo in this match? After two stellar performances, he is confined to sharing the ring with 11 other wrestlers. Anyway, the match was surprisingly better than I thought. Some good exposure for the rookies and a first win for Daniel Bryan.

Seg Rating: 2.5/5


Seg 8) Batista vs Mark Henry

Again, a waste of air time. WWE threaten to reprimand Orton for attacking celebs but allow this. Hypocrites! This angle didn't do much for me though.

Seg Rating: 1/5


Seg 9) Edge & DiBiase w/ Vickie vs Orton

This was a solid match. It was given the right amount of time, it was well worked and all three men had a good showing. This match was on par with Raw's previous good matches recently. A nice finish too. Looks like Vickie is leaving already. Well, all good things must come to an end, but why so soon?

Seg Rating: 5/5


Final Thoughts:

A real mixed bag for Raw tonight. Some ridiculous segments and some segments that were saved halfway through. A solid main event and some good mid-card matches that would have been better had they been given more time. Looks like its a case of two steps forward, one step back for Raw. After putting on two good Raw's in the last two weeks, they have a poorer(in comparison to the last two episodes) Raw this week.

Final Rating: 2.5/5


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