Manny Ramirez Wants a Gold Glove

Emily RosatiCorrespondent IJuly 18, 2008

Manny Ramirez of the Boston Red Sox has recently been quoted saying that he would really like to earn a Gold Glove—an award given in MLB for outstanding performance by a defensive player on the field. It seems that Manny is the only one who doesn't know he can't play outfield.

The Boston left fielder is an amazing hitter who consistently hits HRs, RBI, and gets on base. Ramirez also knows all too well how to field a ball lined hard up against the green monster in Fenway Park. Outside Fenway, Ramirez's skills do not really translate.

Since becoming Boston's LF in 2002, Manny has committed 28 errors and doesn't have that strong an arm.

This evening Boston lost 3-11 to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Manny Ramirez hit a solo HR to help Boston tie the game early on, but his performance in the outfield left something to be desired for.

On a short hit to Manny by Angels shortstop Maicer Izturis, Manny ran towards the ball and slid a bit too early causing him to miss the ball and have it land about five feet from where his slide ended. There is no way to really tell if Manny misread the ball or just didn't have the speed to get to it and I have no criticism in that sense.

Manny then chose to turn around, crawl on all fours to the ball, and before reaching it, rolled over and landed with the ball underneath his left buttocks/quad. Center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury chose not to reach under this area to retrieve the ball. Manny picked it up, got up, and then held on to the ball and laughed as Maicer easily got a triple from a bloop hit.

Ramirez, to the obvious disgust of Boston's general Manager Theo Epstien, then continued to laugh about the play for a few minutes. We can only guess that he found it amusing that the ball was under his butt.

Manny Ramirez may end up winning HR honors or RBI records, but he shouldn't be expecting a Gold Glove any time soon. I suspect the day Ramirez gets a Gold Glove is the same day that David Ortiz gets the C.Y. Young award for pitching, and Vlad Guerrero sets a world speed record running the bases.