The Randy Orton/Edge Rivalry: Best WWE Feud Of The Last Five Years?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIMay 11, 2010

The two hottest names in the WWE, and possibly pro wrestling today, are Randy Orton and Edge.

Two people who many considered tweeners before the WWE Draft. Simply because both were liked by the WWE Universe, but still had marks boo them.

Orton probably had the largest amount of cheers for a heel I've seen since The Rock. While you could relate Edge to that of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, who had the ability to make you want to hate him, yet you just couldn't because he was so cool to watch.

The two of them are in the prime of their careers, which in my opinion, means that they had to be involved together.

As many know by now, the WWE moved some big names over from SmackDown to RAW because quite a few MyNetwork TV markets are dropping SmackDown.

The reason is because of the move to SyFy, which MyNetwork TV is not happy about what so ever.

SmackDown is their top show for any day of the week, so without it, they could go under. As I wrote about before, it's a possibility they could be gone by the end of 2011.

So the move was heavily needed if you ask me.

While I don't like how top heavy RAW has become, I do understand that the WWE doesn't want you to forget about people such as John Morrison, Chris Jericho, or Edge.

It is said, the WWE plans to build SmackDown's roster back up, when the move to SyFy happens in October.

In any case, it gives us the time to sort of go back to the old WWE before the brand split. Where the big names were on all shows. While I don't feel it's a good thing to end brands, I do kind of like seeing some feuds we wouldn't normally see.

I personally love how Chris Jericho and The Miz have teamed up, talk about a match made in heaven.

Then you add John Morrison and R-Truth to the bunch, who could be involved with the new Fortunate Sons Faction that Ted DiBiase, Jr. is starting. Potentially you have a show that hasn't been as good since 2005 or 2006.

The last time Edge got involved with a young name in the WWE, was Matt Hardy, and many say that their feud was the best of that year.

Edge is now involved with a former six-time World Champion in Randy Orton, who despite what Hardy marks will tell you, is a better performer than Matt Hardy right now.

If we break this down, the two have a similar gimmick, which works very well. Why? Because it's interesting to see the two gimmicks work together.

You have Edge, who is a psycho and will do whatever he has to do. Then, you have Randy Orton, a crazed maniac who goes into another state in certain moments.

One is like a Lion, ready to pounce at any moments notice. The other is an Apex Predator who carefully watches his prey, and then strikes when least expected!

Randy Orton is probably the most loved individual in the business today.

The WWE Universe clamored to see him turn face, despite being one of the best heels the WWE has seen this decade. The WWE obliged by allowing it to happen, yet not totally.

They never changed his character really, he's still the same Orton of old.

This is the best thing the WWE could do, because Orton was loved before as a heel, so there was no real reason to change the character to something totally different.

The same thing was done with Edge, which was great to watch.

Now the both are involved in a rivalry, of which has been terrific thus far.

I can't say I'm happy to see the Edge/Jericho rivalry end out of no where, but we all see Orton/Edge, which is also great.

You have the Psychotic Mastermind vs the Apex Predator.

Apex means the tops, and that there is no other who can compare. For Orton to be this, it makes someone like Edge work well against him.

Why? Well, when you have a psycho who is going to do anything to win, something that not many people will do, it makes you just not care who you're out there against.

Edge shows this when he goes up against Orton. Let's break it down.

While he shows some sort of fear, in that he wants nothing to do with Orton on the surface, on the inside, he is plotting ways to take him out in mere seconds.

Such as when Orton's back is turned, Edge will realize the amount of time it takes to do something to Orton, how it will work, the steps he needs to take, etc.

The thing is, Orton also has the instincts that not many predators do, but being the Apex, the top, he has a heightened sense of everything that cannot be matched.

He can feel the breaths taken by Edge, how far away they are, and he knows what Edge could be planning by simply knowing him.

Orton even knows how far Edge's sweat falls to the mat, and how he can hear the wind cut against Edge's body as he attempts a move.

Orton can realize what is coming and strike all within seconds.

But, sometimes Edge will have to outsmart the predator by thinking outside the box and do something he won't see coming. This is when the psychotic part comes into play.

The best thing for Edge to do would be to disorient the Viper, to where Orton has trouble thinking really fast, that is when Edge will get the heads up. However, if Orton knows this is coming, he could counter it himself.

Edge shows little fear if any against Orton, something not all can say.

Just look at Vickie Guerrero last night. She resigned from her position on RAW as the new GM just from a simple look that Orton gave her.

He stared a hole into her, and you could tell in his devious mind, he was thinking of ways to take her out.

But, on the surface he was still fully functional, which was why he was able to take out Edge with an RKO.

Orton is always someone to look out for, there is no one better at taking advantage of certain moments. However, some would say that Edge is the Ultimate Opportunist, who will take advantage whenever sees anything to take advantage of.

When it comes down to it, both have something we all want to watch, otherwise there would be no real reason to tune in to RAW for many.

This could be the most even pairing that we have seen in some time. Either could win and fans would like it either way, plain and simple.

This could potentially be the thing that helps the PG era of the WWE work OK in hardcore fans' eyes. In my opinion, this could be one of the best feuds of the last five years.

But what do you think? Does the rivalry of Orton and Edge make you want to watch RAW more so than any other time since the WWE went PG?


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