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JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IMay 10, 2010

CardboardGodsWe don’t need to spend much time on these pages telling people how much we enjoy old baseball cards.  Anyone who has spent a few hours on JoeSportsFan.com has probably stumbled onto one of our most valued assets, the Worthless Card Collection.

As we did last month, we managed to pry a few extra books away from a publisher recently with the intention of giving them to our loyal readers. We’re like the Robin Hood of baseball card books. 

This time, we’ve secured copies of the highly regarded Cardboard Gods by Josh Wilker, a collection of stories of the author’s life and experiences set against the backdrop of collecting baseball cards like many of us did as kids. 

But to get your hands on a copy of Cardboard Gods, we’ve got a little task for you. 

As an homage to the Worthless Card Collection, we are opening it up to new submissions and asking our readers to come up with your best “untrue fun fact” to accompany this 1991 Topps Doug Jones, a Cardboard God if there ever was one (pic courtesy of checkoutmycards.com)…


Let Doug Jones inspire you, then e-mail your submission to info@joesportsfan.com along with your name and address.  If you are one of the top submissions – according to our very scientific and completely subjective voting process – we will let you know to keep an eye out for a copy of Josh Wilker’s new book in the mail.

And provided we receive some quality submissions, we’ll run the best of them on the site next week.

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