Fantasy Football's Best Runningback's (11-25)

Andrew ButlerCorrespondent IJuly 18, 2008

     11. Willis McGahee, BAL

  Upside: still developing, consistent, versatile receiving threat, new coaches?

  Downside: Loss of Johnathan Ogden on o-line, new coaches?

     12. Larry Johnson, KC

  Upside: prime age, proven productivity, easy rushing schedule

  Downside: injury problems, bad o-line, Jamaal Charles?

     13. Jamal Lewis, CLE

  Upside: prime age, versatile receiving threat, developing o-line, 2nd year with Browns

  Downside: increased receiving options, fluke season?

     14. Ronnie Brown, MIA

  Upside: amazing productivity, Tony Sparano, young and developing, better o-line, lack of receiving options, easy rushing schedule

  Downside: injury prone, Ricky Williams?

     15. Maurice Jones-Drew, JAC

  Upside: young and developing, aging and fragile freddy, good o-line

  Downside: Garrard passing more, Taylor finished very strong last season, difficult rushing schedule

     16. LenDale White, TEN

  Upside: young and developing, goal-line RB, lack of receiving options

  Downside: Chris Johnson? difficult rushing schedule

     17. Edgerrin James, ARI

  Upside: consistent productivity, lack of depth at RB, young and developing o-line

  Downside: aging, longest career rush in Arizona was for 27 yards

     18. Michael Turner, ATL

  Upside: played behind one of the best, great yards/carry average, new coach

  Downside: bad o-line, running by committee with Norwood, new coach

     19. Laurence Maroney, NE

  Upside: young and developing, good o-line, easy rushing schedule

  Downside: injury prone, running by committee, didn't score his first TD until week 11 after Sammy Morris was put on IR.

     20. Selvin Young, DEN

  Upside: young and developing, improving o-line, great yards/carry average, easy rushing schedule

  Downside: injury prone, young competition, not a goal-line back

     21. Johnathan Stewart, CAR

  Upside: goal-line back that will bring a power running game, improving o-line, expected to handle main load

  Downside: rookie, running by committee

     22. Brandon Jacobs, NYG

  Upside: goal-line back, amazing production, still developing,

  Downside: consistent injury issues, competition with Ward and Bradshaw

     23. Reggie Bush, NO

  Upside: young and developing, versatile receiving threat

  Downside: sophomore slump, injury problems, running by committee

     24. Julius Jones, SEA

  Upside: still developing, o-line transitioning to zone blocking,

  Downside: every down back? competition

     25. Willie Parker, PIT

  Upside: still developing

  Downside: Rashard Mendenhall? loss of Alan Faneca on o-line, declining yards/carry average, 2 TD's in 1,316 rushing yards