Al's Vault: Scary But True, Wrestling Move Used To Discipline A Child

Christopher DunfeeContributor IIMay 10, 2010

Al's Vault: Scary But True, Wrestling Move Used To Discipline A Child
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Wrestling Force,

A disturbing headline for a disturbing bit of news I had to report earlier today on the site.

David Wymon Laird (photo above), 28-year-old man from Bartlesville told police officers that he used an actual "power bomb" to discipline a 4-year-old child. That's not all, can you believe the child wasn't even his, Laird actually had the brass to power bomb his girlfriend's 4-year-old son.  

This was not his only act of violence toward the child, he then continued to slam the child into a door-frame not once, not even twice, he slammed the defenseless 4-year-old boy into a door-frame multiple times. The poor child became dizzy and started vomiting during Laird's assault.

When Laird and his girlfriend took the child to the hospital, the child was suffering from a large bruise on the back of his head, fractures on his skull and chest, bruising on his shoulders, back, legs and genitalia, a court affidavit stated. This caused a red flag at the hospital and police began to ask question which lead to Laird admitting his crimes to police.

Laird is currently in a holding cell and his bond his set at $100,000 he was charged with felony child abuse in Washington County District Court.

Al's Vault:

The reason I felt this story needed to be reported was to help spread the word out on how dangerous wrestling moves can actually be. Whether hanging with your friends putting on a 'wrestling match' or doing something as sick as disciplining an actual child. A wrestling move done wrong can cause serious injury or in some cases death. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to this 4-year-old little boy and all other families that have suffered similar lost/injuries due to the negligent of others. 

Here is to hope that the Wrestling Force can help me spread the word, wrestling is not so fake when you do not know what you are doing.

Thanks for your time,

Al M.

Photo: TulsaWorld.Com

Some Info: TulsaWorld.Com