TNA Impact Review: Monday May 3rd

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIMay 10, 2010

Before I start, I must inform you all that this will not be a light hearted review. I will be really tough on TNA today as they made some fundamental mistakes with this edition of iMPACT! For starters:

The show opens with Hogan and Bischoff in a limo, presumably on the way to iMPACT! However, after the first segment, Hogan gets a message about what just went down at iMPACT and orders the driver to turn around! WHERE THE HELL WERE THEY GOING IF iMPACT! IS IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION??? I must admit though, I had a great laugh at it!


Seg 1) The Nature Boy Jay Lethal's Promo & The Brawl Part One

Huge props have to go to Lethal here. This was the best impression of Flair I have ever heard! The attack was very predictable but it was an explosive start to iMPACT!(please note that this segment ends at the commercial break)

Seg Rating: 4/5


Seg 2) The Brawl Part two

Ok, now they are just taking the piss. I mean everybody loves a brawl, but a 30 minute brawl? This segment was a bit exaggerated if I'm honest. Out of nowhere, Hogan turns up and makes five people look really weak by taking them all out with one punch. I thought he was going to be the VKM of TNA? I've never seen VKM take out his top talent in 15 seconds with one weak right hand punch, have you?

Seg Rating:(worsened by Hogans physical involvement): 3/5


Seg 3) Kendrick & Williams vs Moore & Neal

Not a bad tag team match but very short. It should have been given half the time allotted for seg two plus the time it was actually given.

Seg Rating: 2.5/5


Seg 4) Anderson Promo on Pope

Once again, some great mic work from Anderson. It's a pity that Pope is injured because I would love to see those two in the ring. However, I am looking forward to seeing Hardy vs Anderson also.

Seg Rating: 3.5/5


Seg 5) Beautiful People vs Tara, Wilde & Serita

Typical knockout match in the Hogan era of TNA. Not as bad as previous weeks, but nowhere near as good as pre-Hogan knockout matches.

Seg Rating: 2/5


Seg 6) Team 3D vs MCMG vs Beer Money

This was another disgraceful match on iMPACT. It is an insult to the talent of the MCMG that they are reduced to filler roles and as a way to get 3D on tv so they can be attacked by Hall & Nash. This match promised so much but failed so badly. Another fundamental mistake here. Young, who was attacked by Nash & Co. a few weeks ago decides to side with them so soon? That reaks of 'last minute decision,' 'I don't know who to pick, lets just throw in EY,'' and ''Sh*t, its two hours to showtime and we've completely forgotten about the new member joining Hall and Nash.''

Seg Rating: 1/5


Seg 7) The O-Zone

How can I review this. It was simply bizzare - like every other segment involving OJ. Strange.....

Seg Rating: 0.5/5


Seg 8) Abyss vs Styles - Monsters Ball

Nowhere near the level of previous Monsters Ball bouts but thats to be expected as this one was on tv. The match was very short and had a cheap and poorly though out finish.

Seg Rating: 2/5


Seg 9) RVD vs Desmond Wolfe, TNA World Title Bout

Once again, TNA dropped the ball. If you have a world title match on the card for a tv show, it simply has to close the show. It is the biggest thing in TNA. If this is what the ranking system leads to, then scrap it. As for the match itself, it wasn't bad for what it was, a cheap way of giving Wolfe his title shot and getting him out of the way.

Seg Rating: 2/5


Seg 10) The Senior Citizens Club

Let me get this straight. With all the talent TNA have, they close the show with two of the oldest guys on the roster. This segment was poorly thought out from start to finish. Again, Hogan messes up his lines and just looks crippled in the ring. If you really have the best interest of TNA at heart, stay off-camera. It was not that long ago that I was aplauding you for having the sense to move TNA to Thursdays again, but all that went out the window last Monday. By the way, what kind of ridiculous end to the segment was that?

Seg Rating: 3/5(Though I disliked it, I rate it fairly with the system)


PS- I know I didn't include Williams' pre match promo or Joe's demolition derby but they were too short to be considered for reviewing.


Final Thoughts:

A very poor impact tonight. Some fundamental mistakes from alpha to omega. The spotlight was on the older stars again and some of the younger stars are being seriously disrespected. The next sentence is not something I thought I would ever say but - WWE is the place to be for young stars at the moment. 

Final Rating: 2.5/5 (rounded up from 2.35)