MLB Divisional Rankings

D.A.Senior Writer IJuly 18, 2008

6. NL West

When the division leader (Arizona) is a game under .500 and a team that is 15 games under .500 (San Francisco) is only seven games back, you know that the division is not good. The Padres, Rockies, Giants, Dodgers, and Diamonbacks are just not good teams.

5. NL East

This was a close one, but this division has the worst team in baseball (Washington). Philadelphia, New York, and Florida are so inconsistent going on hot cold streaks. Earlier this year, it almost looked like the division was turning into the NL West, but the Mets have been streaking and the Phillies remain strong. The division's winning percentage is just below .500.

4. AL Central

The bottom teams, Cleveland and Kansas City, go on huge winning streaks, and it doesn't even matter because they're so bad. Detroit climbed out of its early hole to get over .500 and Chicago and Minnesota are surprise stories. The division's winning percentage is just above .500.

3. AL West

This was another close one, but the worst team in the American League (Seattle) drags this division down. The other three teams in this division (Los Angeles, Oakland, Texas) with 50+ wins and all are in contention for the playoffs. The division's winning percentage is .511.

2. NL Central

Three teams (Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee) have 52+ wins at the break, which is excellent. The problems is the other three teams (Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Houston) are just terrible and 12 games back. The division's winning percentage is .517.

1. AL East

This is clearly the best division. The worst team (Baltimore) is only 4 games below .500 and 3 teams (Boston, Tampa Bay, New York) have 50+ wins. Toronto is only one game below .500. This division is the strongest and performing the best.