O.J. Simpson Out Of Jail? Playing Indoor Football?

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O.J. Simpson Out Of Jail? Playing Indoor Football?

Ok. O.J. Isn't out of jail, but as I was scouring the web today I found out about an Indoor Football Player named "O.J. Simpson" who plays for the Omaha Beef.

Obviously an indoor football player is not top notch talent, but Simpson took the time to put a video together of his highlights.

The only problem?

There are no highlights. All I see is a video of every pass this guy has ever caught.

No offense to O.J. Simpson, but I hope you can find some better highlights than that.
Here is his bio off of the Omaha Beef website

He played for the Kansas Koyotes of the APFL (American Professional Football League) after college and received the League’s First-Team All Receiver and Rookie of the Year awards.
His coach was impressed with his speed, his hands and knowledge of the indoor game. This All-Star had the attributes of being a good route runner and very athletic.
In the IFL (Indoor Football League) he was the 'go to' guy as he compiled the highest single-game reception total of 13.

The single game reception total was nice I suppose, but a 5'10, 190 pound receiver brings shame to O.J.'s name (never mind). The bottom line is, O.J. Simpson is an IFL player, and not a pro player. The goal of the IFL is to entertain, which is certainly what O.J. Simpson does when his name jumps up on a jumbo tron.

Well at least this O.J. isn't serving a jail sentence.

Best of luck to both O.J. Simpsons!

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