Gary Shaw Messes Up Yet Another Fight

Joe OneillCorrespondent IIMay 10, 2010

Gary Shaw.

For those of you don't know him—lucky you.

He's a reptile.

He's a walking bucket of vile and lies.

In other words, he's a boxing promoter.

While not quite at the level of GBP or Top Rank, he's gathered together an impressive list of fighters including Andre Dirrell, Vic Darchinyan, Chad Dawson, and Rafael Marquez among others.


Back Story of Shaw and Nonito Donaire

He was the promoter of Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire, currently the top-ranked super flyweight in the world.

Back in 2007, Donaire was an unknown who defeated Vic Darchinyan, then the undefeated and undisputed super flyweight in the world, in a amazing fifth-round knockout.

Donaire subsequently left Shaw for Top Rank once he found out Shaw was inaccurately reporting gate receipts to Donaire.


Vic Darchinyan Wants a Rematch

Darchinyan, a proud fighter and promoted by Shaw, has been itching for a rematch for three years.

He still proclaims the knockout was a lucky one and is more than capable of beating Donaire.

Donaire, for his part, has never once said he wouldn't fight Darchinyan.

Shaw, however, has insisted that Darchinyan and Donaire would never have a rematch because he doesn't "work with disloyal fighters", in a slight to Donaire.


The Rematch is Set

After three years, the rematch is finally set.

Shaw really didn't have a choice. Darchinyan is 34 and probably only has a couple of good fights left in him. Donaire has gone on to become the second-most popular fighter in the Philippines and the top of the super featherweight class.

Shaw and Bob Arum get together and were supposed to sign the deal on May 4th.


The Fall and Aftermath

So, we have a fight that could possibly be considered a candidate for "Fight of the Year" with two talented fighters who really don't like each other.

And the entire fight falls apart at the last possible second.


Because Shaw believes he's entitled to half the PPV buys in the Philippines. Top Rank has already conceded and given Shaw all the PPV buys in Darchinyan's native Armenia.

This shouldn't be an issue. The Philippines average $2.00 per PPV buy and there just aren't that many people in the country who can afford even that much.

Shaw is leaving millions of dollars on the table. He's costing Donaire and Darchinyan millions of dollars.

This is a major fight and both fighters want it to happen.

I always thought it was the responsibility of promoters to make a fight, not destroy it.

Does this make any sense?

It's simply Shaw's massive ego and vendetta against Donaire that is preventing this fight from happening. He's putting his own self-interests in front of those of his fighter.


Another Promoter Screws Up

Isn't this getting redundant? Yet another promoter messes up a fight. Already, Top Rank and GBP have completely made a mess of the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.

Who gave promoters this much power? They receive a ridiculous amount of money to 'promote' fights, generally in the neighborhood of 25 percent to 30 percent of gate receipts, PPV buys, and television revenue.

And they're not even training the fighter. That money comes out of the fighter's share.

As Larry Merchant famously said, "Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather each stand to make over $30 million for their fight, and it won't happen because of a 10-day difference on a blood test. That is the definition of insanity."


The Calls for a Sanctioning Body Grow Louder

This is getting ridiculous. While it has a snow flake's chance in hell of happening, boxing needs a governing body to determine fights. They need to run the likes of Oscar De La Hoya, Gary Shaw, and Bob Arum out of the business.