God Bless You WWE: "MY" List of Top 10 Good Things Happening In The WWE

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IMay 9, 2010

God Bless You WWE: "MY" List of Top 10 Good Things Happening In The WWE

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    Hey guys I am finally back. Ever since I have set foot on B/R I have criticized the WWE to the limits. I have criticized them so much that I actually feel that if Vince ever read my articles or comments he would actually put together the finest team of detectives to track me down and sue me. So I thought of writing an article rather a slide show in which I am going to talk about all the good things which are happening in the WWE of late and how better the product has become thanks to the draft and a few good decisions on the part of the “Creative Team”. Now I am pretty sure that there are going to be many people here who might have really got mad on just looking at the title and would be looking for something to bang their head against. My answer to them is that I agree that WWE is not becoming “heaven” all of a sudden but sure is showing signs of improving. And for all those who are not huge fans of slideshows I would just like to say that I originally planned on a standard article but then considering the fact that my last article was “termed as damn long” so I had to convert this into a slideshow. In this article of mine I have enlisted a set of things which are actually giving us reasons to prevent bashing them up and limiting our comments to just to words of praise for the better shows they are putting up . Also the slides are somewhat in a ranked order because it was tough assigning ranks to them so this is just “MY” personal view as to which is the “best of the best” amongst the latest happenings. Here we go, hope you LIKE it!

Reuniting Carlito and Primo.

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Making Ted DiBiase Worthy Enough for Running a Stable

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Pushing New Stars

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“Now”, Developing Sheamus Well

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Thank God!!! Ensuring that Swagger is not a transitional champion

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Rebirth of The Tag Team Division

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    This though is quite similar to the reuniting Carlito and Primo but I included them in different slides simply because the “tag team division” in itself is bigger than a single tag team. The reason why I am saying this is because for the first time in a long-long time, both The Tag Team Champions (Hart Dynasty) and the team challenging them (Carlito and Primo) are both “actual” tag teams and not just two random guys brought together. Like I said before, even though the other teams who held the titles for considerable amount of time, did a good job but still tag team matches are enjoyed only when you have actual tag teams you can actually “invest” in as it makes things more intense and hence makes matches better. Also the two guys in an actual team have some sort of chemistry and some special moves which we love to see hence we always love t see that happen. Of late the WWE has really taken good care of the tag team division and also is also nurturing a good team in the form SES so I guess that this too is a smart move made by the WWE for which they deserved an applause.

Bringing Back Respect to the IC Title and Giving Us A Champion We Care About

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Edge vs. Orton feud

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Finally allowing Christian the Chance to Shine by Drafting Him to SD

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Honorable Mentions

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