Why Is Manny Pacquiao On Golden Boy's Web Site?

Joe OneillCorrespondent IIMay 9, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - MARCH 13:  Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines looks on in the ring against Joshua Clottey of Ghana during the WBO welterweight title fight at Cowboys Stadium on March 13, 2010 in Arlington, Texas. Pacquiao defeated Clottey by unanimous decision.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Rumors have hinted that Manny Pacquiao is leaving Top Rank and Bob Arum. In fact, there’s speculation that, in flying to the Philippines this weekend, Arum was attempting to save his Golden Goose.

Nobody could blame Manny Pacquiao for leaving Top Rank and Bob Arum. After all, it’s under Arum’s tutelage that this entire mess with Mayweather Jr. has dragged Pacquiao’s name through the proverbial mud.

I’m not a Bob Arum fan, at all. As I've mentioned before, much of the blame in the Pacquio/ Mayweather Jr. debacle falls squarely on Arum's shoulders. He’s an egomaniac who will let his petty jealousies interfere with his fighter’s best interests.

Rumors have also surfaced that Pacquiao will sign with Golden Boy.

According to Golden Boy Promotions, they already have Manny in their stable of fighters (see link below):


I’m not sure Pacquiao was ever in their stable. There was the controversial "suitcase full of cash" by Pacquiao back in 2006, when he returned a suitcase full of cash used as a signing bonus. Golden Boy sued him for breach of contract.

However, I’m fairly sure he’s never fought under the Golden Boy banner.

As a matter of fact, Pacquiao was forced to provide a percentage (10% - 20%) of his earnings on future fights to Golden Boy by ruling of an arbitrator. This is a major point in Top Rank’s defamation suit against Golden Boy. They claim Golden Boy should forfeit those percentages as they defamed Pacquiao, suggesting he used PED’s.

To my knowledge, and anyone feel free to correct me, he was never officially a member of Golden Boy promotions.

So why is he on their web site?

The entire site has been updated for 2010. The copyright says 2010; the schedule is up to date, so obviously somebody is watching things.

Is it a slight to Pacquiao, as if saying, “even though you don’t fight for us, we’re still getting our percentage off you?”

Is it a news flash and nobody else caught it? Did they sign Pacquiao over the weekend and this is their soft announcement?

How about this?

Golden Boy is such a shady and sloppy outfit, they’re too stupid and arrogant to realize one of their biggest adversaries, a guy who is suing them, whom they’ve screwed over countless times...


Yes, that should do it.

But why should we expect anything less from Golden Boy? They’ve slunk down into the gutter along with Don King, Bob Arum, Gary Shaw, and the rest of the promoting scum.

Oscar De La Hoya said he would change the sport of boxing with Golden Boy.

Well, the sport of boxing changed De La Hoya.

When he was a world-class boxer, and wouldn’t back down from anyone, Oscar De La Hoya was The Golden Boy - an Olympic gold medal winner who energized the sport and become it’s biggest attraction.

As a promoter, De La Hoya has turned into The Golden Rat.

Consider the Pacquiao suit. De La Hoya brought a suitcase of cash, $250,000 worth, to an airport to bribe with the intent of signing Pacquiao to Golden Boy. When Pacquiao backed out only a few days later, De La Hoya sued.

The resulting lawsuit with Top Rank literally stopped boxing bouts for all of 2006, as the two promotional companies refused to allow their stable of fighters to face one another.

A man of integrity would have honored Pacquiao’s decision, let him continue with Top Rank, and walked away.

Even the recent blood scandal is complete hypocrisy on the Golden Boy's part.

Back in 2008, Zab Judah wanted Shane Mosley blood tested for PED’s and Golden Boy refused. Obviously, this line about "cleaning up the sport of boxing" is just that…a line.

If Golden Boy is trying to be so clean, why did they make Mosley a partner after he admitted using PED’s?

If they’re so concerned about blood testing, why aren’t they having each and every one of their fighters submit to blood testing?

I wonder if the entire affair with Pacquiao isn’t a way to get back at the fighter for not signing with Golden Boy?

Even their new found love with Floyd Mayweather Jr. is bizarre.

Mayweather Jr. continually called out De La Hoya for a doctored photo showing the actual Golden Boy donned in fishnet stockings (the photo was a fake).

Mayweather Jr., now promoted by Golden Boy, has only fought Golden Boy fighters since the De La Hoya fight.

It’s the association with Mayweather Jr. that has many boxing purists disgusted with De La Hoya's company.

The Mayweather Jr. name sits right alongside Gotti or Gambino in terms of reputation and integrity. Just witness the vastly pro-Mosley crowd at his recent fight with Shane Mosley. To add insult to injury, the fight was held in Mayweather’s home town of Las Vegas.

It seems that De La Hoya only cares about money. He could care less about who he signs or who he hurts.

It’s sad because he could have done a lot of good for the sport.

He could have insisted on blood testing for all his fighters.

He could have attempted to bring boxing under one sanctioning body.

In an act of complete unselfishness, he could have made rules preventing two fighters from the same promoter facing off. This would have gone a LONG way in negating any conflict of interest and potential rumors of fixed fights.

He could have promoted the sport to inner city kids.

But he didn’t do any of it.

He just went after the dollars.

I would expect Manny Pacquiao to swallow his pride and sign with Golden Boy (since they’re already receiving a nice percentage of his fights, anyhow). I’m sure it’s probably the last thing Pacquiao wants to do, but he has little choice. If he signs with Golden Boy, the Mayweather fight will most likely happen.

Would you want to do business with someone who has not only sued you, but also accused you of cheating?

According to their web site, Golden Boy already has Pacquiao under their thumb.