NHL: Gary Bettman Declines Outdoor Game and Insults Greatest NHL Franchise

Dominic PampalonAnalyst IJuly 18, 2008

The greatest franchise in NHL history was turned down to present an outdoor game against the New York Rangers to add to the team’s 100th anniversary celebrations.

Gary Bettman simply missed a great opportunity to demonstrate how important the history of a team can be.

Last week, the Montreal Canadiens organization submitted a request to present an outdoor game against the Rangers at the Percival Molson stadium in Montreal (home of the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL). Earlier this week, the NHL br-ass declined the demand pretexting that the NHL allows only one outdoors game per year.

Hold the phone Mr. Bettman!

Do you realize how important the Montreal Canadiens have been to this league? Through the 100 years of its glamorous history, the Canadiens has been a major actor in the success of this league.

What? What do you say? Oh ya! You gave Montreal the All-Star celebrations… if it is anything close to what it was last year, you can roll it really tight and stick it up where I think…

Pardon me? You’re kidding me right?? The 2009 draft will take place in Montreal… Who gives a flying rat’s ass? We don’t care about the draft location… Everybody is interested in WHO is getting drafted. You could hold that event in Timbuktu and no one would give a damn!

Gary Bettman suffers from Napoleonic Syndrome. He will go against everything that is bigger than him (which is pretty much everything, except maybe for Marty St-Louis).

I remember how everything was going just great when John Ziegler was the NHL Commissioner. Then in 1993 Gary Bettman – Coming from the NBA took control and completely messed up this great sport. Oh ya! There was Gil Stein in between who served in that role for a year and left the league in disgrace after being found to have manipulated his own election to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

As long as this smurf will be at the head of this league, the game will deteriorate each passing year.

this is an insult to the Canadiens, hockey fans and the league.

There has to be a way to kick him out.