Sam Allardyce Had to Go

Andrew BarrySenior Analyst INovember 21, 2016

Sam Allardyce was sacked from Newcastle on January 9, yet many observers don't actually seem to know why "Big" Sam was given the boot. These are the reasons why. 

He was appointed as Glenn Roeder's replacement in May 2007 after quitting his role as manager of Bolton Wanderers. Fans of Newcastle were cautious and some felt Allardyce would attempt to implement his boring negative football.

Still, we gave "Big" Sam a chance—everyone in life deserves at least one. His summer signings were an encouragement: Viduka, Beye, Cacapa, Jose Enrique, Rozenhal, Geremi, Faye, and Smith. Let's see where this goes.

A reasonable victory over Bolton on the first day of the season was nice, but in seeing how Bolton struggled all season it was hardly a world class team. He continued to impress until in my view his position became untenable in five matches.


Portsmouth Home 

Defending an unbeaten home record, Sam Allardyce's negative tactics were brutally exposed. Three goals in nine minutes ended the game and Newcastle slumped to a 4-1 defeat.


Liverpool Home 

Now let's get this straight. We never expected to beat Liverpool, but the problem was we had just ONE shot on goal all game. We were losing 3-0 and still he was substituting our only attacking threats. Chants of, "You don't know what your doing" rang out.


Derby Away 

By far the worst ever Premiership team who only earned one win and guess who they beat...Allardyce set out to contain and sit back against a toothless and utterly terribly side and we were deservedly beaten 1-0. He blamed internationals, but a few months later there were no excuses.


Wigan Away 

We lost 1-0 yet again at the JJB, but here's the thing: Sam Allardyce played one up front against ex-Toon man Titus "Crap" Bramble and five at the back against Antoine "Not Good Enough for a Contract" Sibierski. "Allardyce Out" was the chant.


Derby Home 

Yet again we set out to contain the worst ever Premiership team and twice they took the lead only for Viduka to twice save Allardyce's job. It was a pitiful performance that any club would have been ashamed of and Allardyce was gone soon after.


I can already see the arguments: give him time, it would work, unpatient Geordies. Let me just inform you, we don't mind crap football and crap results, but only when we see improvement.

Sir Bobby Robson came 11th and we gave him time because we were going in the right direction. Sam Allardyce's negative one up front crap tactics had us heading to the first division, not Europe.

Now do you understand?