The Machida Error Is Over: And It Took Just 3:35 To End It!

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The Machida Error Is Over: And It Took Just 3:35 To End It!
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I made my predictions based on what had to happen, not based on what my heart, and my head were telling me would happen. Here we go, 12:20 EST and my heart is puming. Machida Rua 2 is about to start.

It begins. Machida comes out looking to take the fight to Rua, Shogun throws a few weak punches and wins the first exchange with a bang after a big leg kick. He shoots for a takedown. Machida gets the double underhooks, and takes rua down. Uh-oh.

But Shogun gets right back up. Shogun throws an elbow, and Machida immediately takes him down again. But shogun gets right back up. We are seeing a completely different Mauricio Rua ladies and gentlemen. This isn't the Pride version-This one is better.

After standing up they throw and Shogun takes a hammer to Machida's domepiece. The kinda asian lookin sensation goes down..... HARD. Shogun jumps down into mount and pounds away on a limp karate body, until the ref steps in to stop a homicide from occurring.

IT IS ALL OVER MAURICIO "SHOGUN" RUA IS THE NEW LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! (sorry mo) This is what I thought would happen, but I was too scared to predict it.

Shogun is just a horrific matchup for Machida. This division is now wide open. Silva Shogun anybody?? Karate has just been shot repeatedly in the face by a sawed off shotgun. Now if only Koscheck could beat GSP. I wonder if Paul Daley's been arrested yet?

Thank you for listening to my incoherent rambling half asleep nonsense

Oh yeah, one more thing, eat your heart out stoker! :)

-The Viper

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