Eight Sports Conspiracies That Prove Professional Sports Are Fixed

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Eight Sports Conspiracies That Prove Professional Sports Are Fixed

The five major professional sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NASCAR) and their commissioners always tell their fans that "all is well" even when that isn't the truth.

It always seems that when an athlete, coach, or referee is caught using drugs or committing a crime or gambling on games, it is an "isolated incident" and those guilty acted alone and were punished accordingly.

League investigations (if actually conducted) never find more culprits than were already under suspicion.

Fans, for the most part, seem gullible enough to believe these lies.

Occasionally the truth about professional sports actually leaks out. Often these truths take the form of a "conspiracy theory," spun that way by a sports media machine that profits from the games as much as the leagues do.

But in the case of the eight "conspiracies" put forth here, more evidence exists to prove them than to disprove them.

If all of these stories are true as presented, then there is no doubt that games have been fixed and outcomes altered by leagues and owners more interested in turning a profit than winning championships.

Every fan should take heed of what is presented here.

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