Mayweather Pacquiao Usain Bolt Ben Johnson And Drug Testing

Jacob MackbergContributor IMay 9, 2010

Mayweather Pacquiao Usain Bolt Ben Johnson And Drug Testing


First things first.  Boxing the sport I love is alive kicking and striving big time.  We asked for big time fights from big time fighters and we got them.  David Haye, Tomasz Ademek, the fighters of the Super Six Tournament, the light welterweight division, Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez and the list goes on and on with fighters that have provided us with drama and excitement.  Let’s keep it like that.

In my last article I had a thanks for the memories section, and here is another one.  R.I.P. Edwin Valero.  Roy Jones, thanks for the memories.  Please go to the hall coherent, please.  Bernard Hopkins shame on you for beating up a dead man, but I can understand the allure of revenge.  And you have nothing to prove either.  John Ruiz I think you were a good champion regardless of what others say.  Your style might not have been pretty but you stepped up and fought guys and most importantly won.  Jermaine Taylor, it was fun, you had heart and did well.  Thanks to all of you.

But this article is about the four people mentioned in the title.  I haven’t written an article in a while because I knew that time would prove me right and I didn’t have time to defend every little point I made from people who chose to let things other than intelligence and reason form their opinions.  Let’s get right into it.  Mayweather vs Pacquiao and this drug testing stuff. 

Winners win, losers (and their apologizers) talk alot of coulda shoulda woulda.  If only Karl Malone handled the ball better Michael Jordan would have had less championships, or whoever the Bulls beat there was some excuse.  The excuse changes, but the reasoning is usually consistent. 

Some people love Floyd Mayweather, and others hate him.  That’s perfectly cool, except the emotionality (from grown men) behind the hate of Mayweather is irrational and borderline insane.  You can hate him but give him his credit.  First he was accused of not fighting a legitimate welterweight with is so stupid I shouldn’t have to explain why but I will because some people are stupid and stupid people need to have every little thing broken down to them.  When Money May signed on to fight Zab Judah, Judah was the legit champ at the weight.  Judah lost his tune up.  Cotto hadn’t fought him yet.  When Cotto did beat Judah it was the biggest win of his career.  The loser haters didn’t criticize him for fighting Judah, but they criticized Mayweather.  They said he should have fought Baldomir because he was then the legitimate champ.  So Mayweather fought him, but then the loser haters said he should have fought “I’m the most feared fighter on the planet because I don’t fight fair and have to juice my hand wraps” Antonio Margarito.  Carlos Baldomir was the rightful linear champ and weighed 163 on fight night.  After beating Baldomir easy he fought Oscar de la Hoya at 154.  By the way Baldomir went on to 154 to fight Vernon Forrest R.I.P. and gave him a tough fight even busting up his face.  The same Vernon Forrest who took out Shane Mosley twice.  And somehow the unintelligent loser haters said Mayweather never fought a legitimate welterweight?!

Anology.  You have a 15 year old kid who wins oh say the 100m sprint for his age group several times, them goes to race 21 year olds and beats them.  To say beating 21 year olds doesn’t count because he didn’t race 15 year olds is just plain stupid.  The man won a belt at 154.  If that doesn’t account for anything, then why do all the loser haters get on the guys case for fighting Marquez.  Enough said.  The excuses always change, but the conclusion remains the same.

So now I think (hope) we are all past trying to say that Floyd is scared of Cotto, Margarito, Mosley etc, that brings up the final hope of redemption for the loser haters and his name is the great Manny Pacquiao.  Supposedly Mayweather is afraid of him because he wants a blood test.  Let’s break this down. 

When the issue first came up Manny Pacquiao’s first response was that he was afraid of needles and that he felt it was “unnatural”.  Funny how a warrior is afraid of needles, what’s even funnier is that he has tattoos.  Those statements are both irrefutable facts.  That is what the man said, and he has tats.  Go ahead and try to refute that. 

I have tats and I will assume a high percentage of people reading this have them as well.  How in the hell do you voluntarily sit down for tattoos then proclaim to be afraid of needles.  Those reading this that have never gotten ink may still talk nonsense but those who have can’t.  You know what is it first hand.  It is not a single needle prick but THOUSANDS of them over a small area.  So I’m calling shenanagans.

So why are Usain Bolt and Ben Johnson part of this article?  Unless you live in a cave you are aware of Usain Bolt, the worlds fastest man who runs the 100m in 9.58 seconds.  He has to get blood tested before and after EVERY race.  What do you think would happen if he refused and said it was because “I’m afraid of needles and I think it’s unnatural”.  ‘Nuff said. 

Ben Johnson shattered the worlds 100m record with a then unheard of 9.79 in 1988 then shocked the world again two days later by testing positive for banned steroids.  That event set off a new era in sport, a game of cat and mouse between cheaters, and those who strove to keep it fair and at a level playing field.  Since that day numerous high profile atheletes have either tested positive or admitted that they are/were cheats. 

Boxing, baseball, track and field, cycling, practically every single sport has seen it’s share of drug cheats and this goes to the very highest levels and champions.  Records of great achievement are now in doubt and some have admittedly been set by use of performance enhancing drugs.  And with the lucrative paydays who can blame the atheletes?  No one can deny that it is happening.

Alex Rodriguez was baseballs best player and signed a $250 million contract then admitted to using steroids.  Here is an analogy for you.  Suppose the MLB commissioner demanded that A Rod take a blood test before the season or forfeit his $25 million yearly salary, and A Rod refused because  “I’m afraid of needles and I think it’s unnatural”.  What would you say about him and what would you think?  I know that answer and you know the answer.  A fight with Mayweather makes Pac Man 25 million.

Analogy two.  You apply for a job with a salary of $25 000 000 a year and the company requires a blood test.  You meet all the qualifications and criteria and take the test.  I meet the requirements but refuse to take the test because “I’m afraid of needles and I think it’s unnatural”.  How would you react if I got the job?  I know the answer, and you know the answer.  ‘Nuff said.

Pacquiao is an amazing boxer but I’m not buying “I’m afraid of needles and I think it’s unnatural”.  And no one with an I.Q. over 70 is either.  You think A Rod would give up $25 million over a needle.  Neither do I.   Against Mayweather at first I thought it would be a close fight but that Floyd would win, but after seeing Money destroy Mosley I know he will kill Pac Man.  Freddy Roach knows it too, and so does Bob Arum.  He was the author of Margarito being the worlds most feared man.  Lmfao. 

We’ve all had to take needles, so Manny man up and stop being a pussy.  I’ve had my head split open with an axe and walked away so a big tough guy like him can take a needle.  I know he can because his tattoos say he can and already has.  I say Mayweather kicks his ass from here to Manilla.  All the loser haters who have a problem with that tell Pacquiao to prove me wrong and fight.  I mean your kids have had to take needles.  Tell him to just pretend he’s getting another tattoo.  ‘Nuff said.