Paul Williams-Kermit Cintron: Cintron Tumbles Out of the Ring and Out of a Win

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IMay 8, 2010

Tonight at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California Paul Williams won a 4 round split technical decision. He won on scores of 40-36, 39-37 and 36-40.

Per California rules the fight went to a decision since three rounds were complete and the bell had rung for the start of the fourth.

All four rounds had to be scored. This was after Kermit Cintron took a nasty fall out of the ring and was taken out by stretcher.

It was an ugly three rounds before the fight picked up in the fourth. Williams landed some good shots and then it appeared Cintron wobbled Williams with a good right hand.

Then while fighting near the ringside they got tangled up and they both went down. Williams fell in the ring and Cintron went flying out of the ring.

It appeared that he may have hit his head and back on a table next to the ring. Cintron wanted to fight and it was decided by the doctor that he couldn’t continue.

The limited punch stats show Williams landing 27 out of 207 with 20 power shots. Cintron landed 29 punches out of 126 with 19 power shots.

How any judge gave four rounds to Williams or four rounds to Cintron is beyond me. I believe two rounds each or having either fighter up 3-1 would be okay.

This is a hard loss to take for Cintron and I would really like to see a rematch happen between the two.

This is also a big letdown for Williams as he was looking to cement his pound for pound status and maybe set up a fight with Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The way the fight was shaping up this may be a good turn of events for Williams. He basically has a rematch with Sergio Martinez already set and this fight was looking like it was going to be tough.

It was reported by HBO announcer Larry Merchant that Kelly Pavlik will not take a rematch with Martinez because he is to big and can not make 160 pounds anymore. He also said that Martinez’s handlers do not want a rematch with Williams.

It would seem they have no other options and this fight would make a lot of sense for both of them.

Again a disappointing night of boxing for both Cintron and Williams. Hopefully Cintron is okay and can fight another day.

As for Williams hopefully he can find a big fight soon and showcase his skills.


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By Francisco Salazar at ringside

Kermit Cintron promoter Lou DiBella told Fightnews: “He hit his head. I think that the doctor saw that he hit his head and that he had to send him to the hospital. Kermit wanted to fight. I don’t understand how this is a technical decision when the fight did not go four full words. It’s a California law, but it is a dumb law. How can you say who can win a three and a half round fight? If that is the case, in my opinion, my guy won the fight. Paul never hurt him. He (Kermit) hurt Paul.”