Brazilian Presidential Candidate Joins the Chorus for Ganso and Neymar

Sammy BalContributor IIMay 8, 2010

Brazilian presidential candidate Jose Serra has officially joined the chorus for Ganso and Neymar to be called to the 23 man squad to represent Brazil in South Africa.

The football fanatic politition threw his two cents into the pool as practically an entire nation pleads with coach Dunga to play Brazil's best players in the World Cup.

The PSDB candidate was at a political rally to promote Geraldo Alckmin for governor of Sao Paulo at the Expo Center Norte in the capital.

Serra called for the inclusion of "the boys from the Vila" in the list of players to represent Brazil.

"I think that the Santos trio of Robinho, Ganso, and Neymar are practically on the list. The 1950 seleção, which was a great team, was based on the Vasco club. I see no problem is basing an important part of the seleção on an important club like Santos."

The official list comes out this Tuesday at 12:45 Brasilia time.

In other related news, veteran of two world cups Ronaldinho once again reaffirmed his interest in also being on that list.

According to the Milan midfielder in his last conversation with Dunga almost a year  ago, he was told that he would not be called to be on the bench, and that he should do what he had to do in Europe.

Ronaldinho went on to say that since then he had done what he had to do, improved greatly, and was anxiously awaiting Tuesday for his name to be called.

Good luck with that Ronney. One word from this writer to you is "Ganso."  Brazil is all stocked up on talent.

Dunga has said that we must not repeat the errors of 2006.

That year, Brazil fielded its most European based team in history, and payed the price as the players looked more like models on high heels than footballers hungry to win the most coveted trophy in world football.