Ohio State Football: It is Better To Be in the Dance, Than at Home Watching

Keith FrazierCorrespondent IJuly 18, 2008

  What happened in the National Championship between The Ohio State Buckeyes and Florida? There was a star wide out who probably would have made a huge difference had he not been injured celebrating his kick return for a touchdown.

  The real story is that this was a group of stars that had never really been anywhere in there life and partied there butts off, believing that the national championship was going to be a cake walk against a battle tested (and quite threatening) SEC team.

  The Gators have never been anything to put your nose up at. How anyone, even the Scarlet and Grey, could believe The Gators would be a walk in the park was arrogance, and media play.

  The following year The Buckeyes were only experimenting with what they had left after losing several star players, but all they did was go back to the national title game again without an edge of confidence against a heavily battle tested LSU team.

  Something a lot of people didn't take out of that game is that the Ohio State receivers were blowing up LSU's zone coverage, but the quarterback (apparently afraid of making mistakes) didn't take shots down-field.  Otherwise it could have easily been a different story.

  Lets not forget that this wasn't even a target year for the Buckeyes to be in a National Championship. Many people were outraged and criticised that the Buckeyes should be ashamed of their performance: Well, its better to be in the dance, than at home watching!

  The bottom line is that with all the controversy and two failed national championship appearances in the last two years, a three -peat would be incredible.  The Silver Bullets are only throttling forward off the momentum of last year, not to mention the embarrassment and new found discipline from past mistakes.

  This is probably one of the finest teams The Senator has ever coached. Although the schedule has a few suspect games that should not be any kind of threat, remember that road games against Wisconsin and USC will be tremendous tests.  Illinois, Penn State and Michigan will be no walks in the park either.

  In the end, the silver bullets will shoot through all their past mistakes and march to the big dance this year.  My prediction is that Florida will be their opponents, and although they will not win by 30 or 40 points, revenge is inevitable.

  I don't believe there is a team in the nation that will defeat the Buckeyes this year.  Although there will be some tough ones, the Buckeyes defense will be tough, and the offense will put up some surprises this year.

  In the end, It won't be about returning glory to the Big Ten, or cleaning up past mistakes. This year a focused team will got out and win a few for there beloved fans in Columbus, and one for themselves...