WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review: Friday May 7th

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIMay 8, 2010

Seg 1) Matt Hardy Promo/ Drew McIntyre Attack

What? Matt Hardy being given proper air time to showcase his talents? Maybe the WWE are finally going to give him his chance to shine. Matt’s mic work was a little rusty but that is understandable as he hasn’t cut a promo in front of a crowd in a while.

McIntyre comes in and completely destroys Hardy, prompting his suspension, stripping of the IC Title and ultimately his firing. This was a good segment and it really increased my interest in this angle. WWE have to book a match between them at Over the Limit.

Seg Rating: 3.5/5


Seg 2) MVP vs. Luke Gallows w/ Punk and Serena

Very short match but it served it’s purpose - to further the feud between Punk and Mysterio. I am still left scratching my head as to why MVP is being inserted into this feud. If anybody can clear this up or has any suggestions, please feel free to leave them below.

Seg Rating: 2.5/5


Seg 3) Punk/ Mysterio Promo’s

Great mic work from both men. Punk’ s mic work is really a spectacle to watch - he has the crowd hanging on his every word, and no matter what he say’s, he always gets a reaction. The fans will cheer for Mysterio no matter what he say’s, even when he speaks Mexican and they can’t understand what he is saying!

Seg Rating: 3/5


Seg 4) Laycool vs. Kelly Kelly & Tiffany

Typical divas match. Nothing special. The perfect time for a bathroom break.

Seg Rating: 1.5/5


Seg 5) Kingston vs. Ziggler

This contest was a really solid match from start to finis. The crowd were really behind Kofi and on the back of Ziggler. Some well executed moves and a good finish. I think Kofi will go on to regain the gold as I envisage bigger things in Christian than the IC Title.

Seg Rating: 4/5


Seg 6) Christian w/ Heath Slater vs. Cody Rhodes

I can sum up this match in simply one word - phenomenal. This match had it all. High spots, near falls, a sick bump, crowd involvement - everything. The superplex from Rhodes was one of the best I’ve seen and his moonsault was timed and executed to perfection. This is two fantastic matches from Rhodes in the last two weeks. If WWE use him right, he will be one of the best performers ever to grace a ring. I had my doubts about him in Legacy but boy, he proved me wrong.

Seg Rating: 5/5


Seg 7) Swagger vs. Kane w/ Big Show on commentary

Not an epic main event by any means, simply an an average match. While nobody expected a quick paced match,  I for one did not think it would be so slow The start of the match was great with some good back and forth action but the standard dropped from there. I guess this is what we can look forward to at Over the Limit as I doubt Big Show is faster than Kane in the ring. The finish didn’t help the rating either. I would have preferred Swagger to get the win.

Seg Rating: 3.5/5


Seg 8) Big Show Chokeslamms Swagger Through the Announcer Table

This was a good ending to Smackdown for two reasons: 1) It increased the intensity of the feud and made it more interesting and 2) It increased fan interest in the feud. I have always believed that putting your opponent through a table ups the intensity and fan interest in a feud as it makes the feud itself more personal. The chokeslamm was kind of botched as it was only the upper half of Swagger’s back that was put through the table, hence the poor camera angle chosen for the replay’s.

Seg Rating: 3.5/5


Final Thoughts:

Another solid show for Smackdown. It wasn’t as good as last week, but that’s just my opinion. The highlight of the night was Christian vs. Cody Rhodes. It was a match worthy of a PPV. SD is really starting to get interesting especially with the IC Title drama. The IC title match should close the show next week as it would help the prestige of the belt.

Final Rating: 3.5/5