PG-rated WWE: Like It Or Not, It's Here to Stay. Switch to TNA Instead

warcroftCorrespondent IMay 8, 2010

PG era is never going to end.

After the success of the Attitude era and all the greats left like Austin, Rock, Lesnar, Goldberg, DX breaking up, ECW/WCW invasions ended and much more. After all that, the WWE had nothing left. Fans started leaving in droves.

People have forgotten that the WWE was in desperate states for the better part of the last decade. Smackdown was struggling to fill arenas, people weren't buying tickets, people weren't watching it on TV. The WWE needed to do something.

So, they changed their programming to accommodate a PG-rating, which brought in the kids, sold tickets and brought back ratings.

Ultimately, the reason the WWE went PG was because the older demographic turned their backs on the WWE.

Honestly, I don't blame them for turning their backs. The WWE brand became bland and stale. I, for one, like many, hung in there for a number of years praying for a return to form—which never came. So I, like many, turned it off.

So what can us older fans do? We can continue to watch WWE and be frustrated by its lack of substance. Or, we can tune into a more adult product like TNA.

Yes, TNA doesn't have the big flashing lights, loud music, fireworks and explosions and huge crowds like the WWE does. But what TNA does have is wrestling matches. Actual wrestling matches consisting of talent and skill sets far above and beyond anything the WWE has to offer.

Yes, TNA has its flaws. It's a product in its infancy. But with support it will continue to grow into a great brand.

What I don't understand is how people complain about how the WWE is now a watered down PG brand, but then each week they complain about TNA trying to give the older fans a more mature product.

Make up your mind people.

I, for one, am sick of the WWE brand. I just cannot bring myself to watch it any longer. I give all my support to TNA because they are trying to give us what we are missing.

If TNA folds, what will we be left with?

We will be left with a PG wrestling product with no competition from rival brands?
What will older fans such as myself be left with? Nothing.

Support TNA, because wrestling without TNA will be a very, very sad state.

Oh, one last thing.

Don't complain about TNA recruiting ex-WWE wrestlers. For these wrestlers, wrestling is their job. It's what they do—they need to work, they have families to feed.

TNA is going to recruit ex-WWE wrestlers because they are experienced and knowledgeable about the industry and experienced with television performances.
I love seeing ex-WWE wrestlers who were misused by WWE given an opportunity to shine in TNA. And I'm sure those wrestlers are extremely grateful to TNA for giving them a job and giving them an opportunity to prove themselves.

Just remember that Jericho and Austin were WCW rejects. Now look at them.