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Brandon HamblenAnalyst IMay 7, 2010

In what has become Ultimate Wrestling’s most heated rivalry, 2009 Rookie of the Year Brian Caige will wrestle BTY Colby Godwin in a no disqualification, no count out match on Saturday, May 15, at the Santa Rosa County Auditorium.

The Story of the Year gave me a rare opportunity to sit down with him for an interview regarding his upcoming match with BTY, his career and his future plans.

How did you end up here on the Gulf Coast all the way from Anaheim, Calif.?

Brian Caige : I was actually born in Windsor, Ontario, but my family moved to Anaheim when I was a teen-ager. From there, I started getting into stunt roles for small movies.

You met "The Bruiserweight" Maze on the set of a feature film movie. He trained you in the ring and even gave you one of your first shots at a title. What advice did he give you about succeeding in Ultimate Wrestling?

Caige : Most of the advice I've gotten from Maze has been about how to handle myself in the back.  As far as succeeding in the ring, I think I learned more from watching his mistakes than from anything he's actually taught me.

Tell me about your debut match.

Caige : Not much to tell. I was debuting against Turbo Ted, a guy that has been around the block for about 20 years or so. Nobody really gave me a chance but I won the match and that's all there is to it. I was better than he was, just like I'm better than 95 percent of the wrestlers in the Southeast.

Arn Anderson said, “People don’t ask how you won, they ask IF you won.” Would you say this is a philosophy you share as well?

Caige : Double-A is one of the smartest men to ever be in this business. When you look at combat sports like wrestling and MMA and boxing, they don't put an asterisk next to your win column to say, (in a sarcastic tone) "Oh, he won this many by DQ and this many by submission, etc…"

All it says is wins vs. losses. Some people want to say that the fact that some of my wins weren't by pin fall or submission shouldn't make it a win. They're just biased morons who don't understand the fact that a win is a win.

Your in-ring style is similar to a former World Champion, Edge, even one of your finishing maneuvers. Who, if anyone, has influenced your style?

Caige : I've always been a fan of Edge and Christian. When I first started training I would watch tape of guys that were similar in size and build as me. Wrestlers like Edge, Christian, AJ Styles, Eddie (Guerrero), CM Punk, (Chris) Benoit… (pauses and laughs)…Oh no, I said his name! Now Vince will never hire me! (Bryan, now known as Daniel Bryan) Danielson, Chris Sabin (of Motor City Machine Guns fame), (Chris) Jericho and Shawn Michaels.

I'm in no way a giant or muscle-brained heavyweight but I'm definitely bigger than the typical cruiserweight. I think as far as my wrestling style goes, I like to fuse different techniques together that way I can adapt to anyone that steps in the ring with me.

You have an exclusive contract with Ultimate Wrestling. What makes Ultimate the premier independent wrestling promotion not only in Florida, not only on the Gulf Coast but in the entire United States?

Caige : Quite frankly, Ultimate has the best roster. I think if the owners would decide to stop being so damn cheap they could easily tour around the Southeast and build an even bigger following, and possibly even compete with promotions like Ring of Honor and PWG.

What can you tell us about Ultimate CEO Alexander Hearse III?

Caige : The guy has it made. I don't know where he got his money from but he's using it on something he loves, so props to him.

You were unpinned and unsubmmitted in route to winning several rookie of the year awards. At what point did you become the “Story of the Year?”

Caige : I've been telling everyone from the day I stepped foot in the ring that I was going to be the Story of the Year. I know how good I am. I had full confidence that I would back that statement up in the ring.

Did I know that I would go an entire year unpinned? At first, no. The more wins I got under my belt, the more I started to realize that even I underestimated how good I would be.

A lot of people think that being the Story of the Year is just a nickname or that it only applied to my rookie year but the fact is, that until I decide to quit this business, I will be the Story of the Year EVERY YEAR!

Can you explain the streak and the story behind it? (Interviewer’s note: At this point, Caige’s intensity really begins to pick up)

Caige : It's pretty simple. I won my first match as a professional wrestler, and kept winning matches. Up until I wrestled Carlos D'Angelo for the X-Factor title late in the year, I went undefeated in one-on-one matches but I lost that match by count-out when Carlos legitimately knocked me out with that running knee (called a Dose of Los) of his.

I wasn't the one who started talking about the streak at first. It was the guy that does the news reports for Ultimate Wrestling’s website. (

Once it started catching on with the fans that I had never been pinned, I just decided to take that ball and run with it. Some think I was delusional to make the claims that I did, but the truth always speaks loudest.

You have been on the receiving end of some brutal beatings by some of the most dangerous wrestlers in the world, most notably the monster Deathrow, Brutal Joe Gibson, and BTY Colby Godwin. Yet you have never missed a show due to injury. Do you consider this a testament to your training regimen?

Caige : I jumped off buildings, set myself on fire and wrecked cars for a living from the time I was 16. As far as training goes, everything I ever did for my stunt career has benefited me in the ring.

The fact that I can take anything that anyone dishes out is more (of) a testament to my resiliency and inability to stop functioning; a trait that 95 percent of the general population does not have.

Although you’ve failed to win gold thus far, you have received three title shots during your rookie year, which speaks to your meteoric rise. Looking back on those matches, was there anything you would do differently to possibly change the outcomes?

Caige : The Cruiserweight Title match with Maze, to be honest, I didn't care as much as I should have about the match. That night was all about proving a point to the Black Wolf.

As far as the other two matches go, the first being the one-on-one with Carlos and the second being a triple-threat with him and Justin Stone, I really fell victim to the unpredictability of this sport.

Carlos is a smart wrestler and that's why he won the triple threat, but the one-on-one match went the way it did simply because it was the first match that I didn't mentally prepare for.

Black Wolf went through the Ultimate Training Academy with you yet there seems to be quite a bit of animosity between the two of you.

I know you broke his ribs with a spear and he was the first wrestler ever to score a pinfall victory against you but when did the tensions between Wolf and you begin? Do you ever see this rivalry ending? (Interviewer’s note: As soon as I mentioned the Black Wolf, Caige became even more intense, almost irritated that I would mention Black Wolf.)

Caige : I think the tensions began out of his own jealousy. Sure, we trained together briefly but I was so much better in every facet of the game than him. All through our training I constantly would berate him because of his lack of skill and his inability to pick up things we were being taught as quickly as I did.

When I saw that management was going to fire him if he didn't get a win by the end of the year, I took it upon myself to show him exactly what I had been telling him for months, that he would never make it as a wrestler. I did what I said I would do, as I always have, I beat him at 'End of Days.' (12-19-2009)

He was fortunate that management let him in the Royal Four match, or else he never would have had the chance he did at Milestone III (April 3, 2010).

As far as the "rivalry," I think it's a one-sided affair. Sure he may have been the first guy to pin me but how many tries did it take? Not only that, he had to use the opportunity of me not knowing who my opponent was (the match was a ’Break the Streak’ open challenge) that night.

It was a fluke! Like I've said time and time again, the overall record proves it was nothing more than a fluke! Want the score? Caige three, Wolf one! One win does NOT make it a rivalry, just a miracle!

BTY Colby Godwin seems hell bent on destroying you. He challenged you to a match at Milton Massacre (April 18), which you accepted for Brawl In The Hall (May 1).

During the match, BTY was extremely aggressive, taking it to you right from the opening bell. The crowd was seemingly fueling BTY’s rage by chanting, “Make him bleed,” and “We want blood!”

Much to the crowd’s displeasure, you headed back to the locker room, which resulted in a count out loss. Why did you walk away?

Caige : I study my opponents intensely before every match. When you're out matched physically, you use your brains to gain the upper hand. I know what BTY wanted, so I baited him.

Now I have him right were I want him. I’m going to prove that he's NOT better than me.

He wants no disqualifications? That's just fine by me. He says he can do anything he wants to me on May 15 at May-Hem in Milton, Fla., but that's a two-way street.

I know his weakness and I plan to exploit it. The last thing Colby Godwin will remember before he has to tell Ring of Honor that he is too injured to join their ranks is that Brian Caige is better than him!

As you mentioned, May 15 Milton, Fla., at the Santa Rosa County Auditorium, BTY Colby Godwin and the Story of the Year, Brian Caige in a no disqualification, no count out match. Without revealing too much of your strategy, how do you see this turning out?

Caige : It's pretty simple. BTY thinks he can just have his way with me, yet I'll be able to use anything and everything I can find to my advantage. This match is just going to be a classic case of brains vs. brawn and last time I checked, I'm the one with all the brains.

You also mentioned BTY's move to Ring of Honor. What are your short and long term goals in wrestling? Do you see yourself following in The Rock's footsteps by returning to Hollywood?

Caige : That was the exact same question I was asked the first day I started training. My answer now is the same as it was on that day and that is to become the best in the world.

I go out there wanting to steal the show each and every night and that aspect of my career will never change.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Caige. I'd like to wish you the best of luck at May-Hem. In parting, is there anything you would like to say to the Ultimate fans?

Caige : The fans of Ultimate don't WANT to hear what I have to say but they can't deny that I AM the Story of the Year and they are NOTHING!

May-Hem takes place Saturday, May 15, 2010 at the Santa Rosa County Auditorium, located at 4530 Spikes Way in Milton, Fla. The doors open at 6:00 PM and the opening bell is at 7:00 PM.

Admission is $10 for adults, $8 with military ID. 6-12 $6. 5 and under are free.


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