"If Cena Wins We Will Riot": Why We Hate Cena

Viggo DrakuvichCorrespondent IMay 7, 2010

Hate is a strong word but it is used a lot when you mention Cena.  Cena is by far not my favorite wrestler and I can barely stand watching him in the ring.  I'm sure he is a really nice guy, but he just doesn't appeal to me.  I can't blame it all on Cena.  There are others involved who have created the modern day Cena, McMahon and Hogan.

If you want to see real hatred towards Cena watch the 2006 ECW ppv One Night Stand with RVD vs Cena.  This has to be one of my favorite anti-Cena matches.  The boos were loud and they constantly threw Cena's shirt back into the ring.  One true ECW fan had a poster "If Cena wins we will riot."  RVD did win the match and that was the smart move because I'm sure the audience would have rioted.

Why do so many of us dislike Cena?  There are multiple reasons but there are two that really stick out.  Cena is not being Cena.  Back in the day, when Cena was rapping and making fun of people, he was ok.  But then things changed and he became Hulk Hogan lite....Hulk Hogan part 2.  He was that new coke flavor that nobody liked.  Sure it had the name coke but it just wasn't the same.

I grew up watching and loving Hulk Hogan.  I was a true fan.  I bought into the saying my prayers, eating my vitamins and being a real American.  Hulkamania was a part of me.  Hogan had the look of a larger than life superstar and the 6'7, tanned Hulkster knew how to get the crowd going.  He was oozing with charisma.

John Cena has much of these same properties and talents as Hogan but just not as good.  We have our "Hustle and Loyalty and Respect" and those are good morals to teach our kids.  He gets the crowd going but he really doesn't know how to approach the dislike towards him.  I have one exception for this and it was after his win at Wrestlemania 26 where he got up close to the anti-cena crowd and kind of shrugged.  This actually pleased some of the anti-Cena fans. 

Cena doesn't have the mic skills as Hogan does.  Cena isn't bad but he doesn't have those catch phrases Hogan had.  He just doesn't have the same charisma.  And not having as much charisma can be made up in the ring, however his ring skills just don't make the cut. 

Cena's wrestling style is similar to Hogan.  He may lose 90% of the match and then come back like superman.  But this has been done before and it is too outdated.  We want charisma and we want more wrestling moves. 

We are crying and begging for something original.  We know Cena will win most of the time.  We know Cena will make the comeback.  We know if Cena doesn't have the title he is still the winner.  The Hogan style of winning worked in the 80s and 90s but it won't work today.

When Cena comes back to being himself, we will warm up to him.  It doesn't mean we will like him, but the boos may not be as loud.