Arsene Wenger: Fabianski Has No Talent

Robin SAnalyst IMay 7, 2010

CARDIFF, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 25:  Lukasz Fabianski of Arsenal gives team mates instructions during the FA Cup 4th Round match sponsored by E.on between Cardiff City and Arsenal at Ninian Park on January 25, 2009 in Cardiff, Wales.  (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)
Stu Forster/Getty Images

Before the game against Blackburn, Arsene Wenger was full of praise for Lukaz Fabianski after he kept a clean sheet against a solid Manchester City side.

It was in fact City's reluctance to attack that inevitably gifted Arsenal a clean sheet.

However, Wenger knows clean sheet with Fabianski in front of the goal is a once in a blue moon phenomena and must utilize the chance to souse the player with undue extolment to delude the fans. Wenger feels Fabianski has the talent to shine, but consistency is what he lacks.

Wenger would've come out showering praises for Fabianski had he been successful in keeping a clean sheet at Blackburn. 

Unfortunately, two wonder-strikers, where even the best keepers would have shied away from their strikes, spoiled the party for Wenger and Fabianski.

Wait a second. No, that's not the case here. Two soft goals from set plays dismantled any pride that was left with the Gunners. And Fabianski. How poor is this goalkeeper?

Blackburn players were pushing and shoving the Pole into his own net and he did nothing to resist the incoming horde of Blackburn giants. He never attempted pushing the opposite numbers away from his territory.

He did one thing though—complained to the referee on a regular basis as though somebody kicked him out of Ewood Park. It was hilarious to find Fabianski moaning like a toddler.

A goalkeeper must dominate his box and, if required, push away the crowded bunch of players, but his plight was pathetic to say the least.

If this is what we have in store for next season, it would be so better to sack the manager even before the start of the season. His recent comments don't really give an impression that he's on the lookout for a new net-minder.

The writing is on the walls if he doesn't sign a keeper in the forthcoming transfer window. Vito Mannone was once again happy warming the bench and Wenger, as usual, kept whining at the fourth official.

It would've been so better to substitute the goalkeeper at halftime. At the very least he should've given a start to Mannone when he picked Traore and Vela after a long time.

As I have always maintained, Fabianski doesn't have the balls to play in the Premier League.

Fans and critics alike are bashing Fabianski for his hapless performances, but the manager is happy with his fumbling efforts. If the manager doesn't have the grit to openly-criticise this mediocre goalkeeper then he's not fit for the job.

Just remember how Sir. Alex Ferguson whapped Nani for his poor showing on the pitch and later how he himself transformed into a better player. Unless the manager doesn't pick apart the player for his nightmare displays he won't improve.

If I am right, with Fabianski on the goal Arsenal only managed one win out of seven.

That tells a story in itself. Also, Arsenal conceded 41 goals this season and that is far too many to win the title. I don't remember last when Arsenal had conceded more than 40 goals prior to this season.

Defensive frailties are there for everyone to see. A thorough shake-up is necessary to strengthen the entire backline. Vermaelen alone can't do the job.

Wenger feels goal-keeping is not the area that needs to be strengthened but..