Sports Take: What's Going On?

Jimmy MajewskiCorrespondent IMay 7, 2010


So this is my first article of Sports Take, and I figured what the hell, I’d do a whenever I feel like it routine where I put my input online on what’s major going on in the sports world, and maybe I could make it a little interesting.

It gives me the opportunity to practice my writing, and even if no one reads it, it gives me a history of my predictions and takes that have become epic fails. Meh...Here goes...


Gordon Hayward

Hayward confirmed to the AP today that he was going to stay in the NBA draft. It’s a smart move by him, because his draft stock will never be higher.

Let’s be honest, outside of anyone who follows the horizon league, who knew who Gordon Hayward was before the NCAA tourney?

From what I’ve heard, everyone says he’s a first round talent and a border lottery pick. I just don’t see it. While he can create his own shot, and do all the little things very well, he doesn’t particularly excel in one area. Will he be successful in the NBA?

He needs to improve his defense first, as with his size he will be defending the likes of Kevin Durant and players at the 3 and 4 position who are a lot more physical. Then again though, it’s the NBA: What defense?

Some have said he’s a poor man’s Wally Sczerbiak. Could be more like a broke man’s Wally Sczerbiak. At the very least Wally made an All-Star team. Does anyone honestly think that’s in Hayward’s future?


Phoenix-San Antonio

The Suns make a political statement with their “Los Suns” jersey, and make a statement on the scoreboard as well, winning Game Two of the series 110-102 to take a (2-0) lead in the series.

While I picked the Spurs to win it all before the season started because I liked the team on paper, it just doesn’t seem like the same Spurs team. Ginobili is banged up and Parker is getting fewer minutes with the emergence of George Hill.

This is just one of those series where the Spurs can’t exactly match up with Phoenix. These two types of styles are somewhat reminiscent of the Lakers-Thunder series as far as two different styles go.

While I’m betting the Spurs win one game in San Antonio, I’m betting this series gets closed out during Game Five in Phoenix.


Lawrence Taylor

Just as soon as it seems he has repaired his image somewhat, there goes LT again, taken into custody for the alleged rape of a 16-year-old runaway prostitute.

Here’s a couple of things that strike me oddly about this situation.

This is a girl who, as reported, was in the control of a pimp and was a runaway. As bad as that is, that’s not the part that has me confused. It was reported that she texted her uncle to let him know that she had been raped by Lawrence Taylor.

Common sense and a cup of coffee would tell me that she would have texted her uncle to let him know that she was under the control of a pimp before then? But I digress.

Either way it’s a bad situation; it’s just the way it came out and was reported that made no sense.


Danny Ainge

Celtics GM Danny Ainge was fined a cool $25K for throwing a white towel in the air as Cavaliers forward J.J. Hickson was attempting his second free throw. This is an obvious attempt to distract him; this doesn’t need to be pointed out.

Two things get screamed out to me when I read this, the first being that it was an absolutely classless move by Ainge. The second was that Ainge feels the Celtics need all the help they can get.

Who could argue that point, as the Cavaliers were widely regarded as one of top teams, if not the top team, in the league all season? Even with a LeBron James injury, which is being downplayed tremendously, the Celtics and Cavaliers are tied at (1-1).

The part that makes little to no sense is that the Celtics were ahead 80-57 at the time. Did he really need to pull this stunt for his team to win? The answer to me is no, and it’s no different than a base runner yelling out when an infielder tries to make a play on a pop-up. It’s simply classless.


The JaMarcus Russell Experiment

Whew. It’s finally over. A whopping seven wins and $39 million later, the Raiders now free up just over $6 million in cap room by releasing Russell. Once the Raiders acquired Jason Campbell from the Redskins there simply was no need to keep Russell around at that price, or any other price.

Perhaps being outplayed by Bruce Gradkowski last year was the low point of Russell’s career. (Sorry, Bruce.) Will Russell get another chance? Absolutely is the answer to that question.

Some team will buy into the fact that it was just the Raiders organization that was the problem, and will throw a contract his way. It won’t be for much money, but he’d probably be given the opportunity to be a No. 2 quarterback in the league somewhere.

Just to throw a team out there in case I’m right, in which case down the line I can say I was, I’ll say he winds up in Philadelphia. But in all honestly, is he that much worse than any of the quarterbacks that could wind up starting for the Bills?