Breaking Report: A Hardcore Championship Coming to TNA Wrestling?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIMay 6, 2010

In what is being described as a no-brainer move that many saw coming, TNA Wrestling has been planning to debut a "Hardcore Title" in the company.

With the WWE no longer using the hardcore title, it's not a bad idea to bring it in.

There are many people within the company who could do well with it, obviously Abyss comes to mind more than anyone else. He has been clamoring for TNA to add the title for a while, yet apparently it fell on deaf ears.

However, this could be a time where I like Hogan and Bischoff being there. They do listen to talent, and since Hogan is working closely with Abyss, he was talked into adding it.

But the way they plan on bringing it in does seem pretty stupid.

This is where the picture above with Rob Terry comes into play. As you can see, Terry is holding the Global Championship, a wonderful title to have in the company to rival that of the United States or Intercontinental Championship in the WWE.

But TNA Wrestling wants to take the Global Championship name away from the title and add their version of the hardcore title to it, therefore taking what is a great title away.

If you ask me, they should keep the global title and add the new Hardcore Championship. All they have to do is make a small investment in a belt designer.

To me, it makes little sense to take the global title away when it's working and being used very well in Rob Terry's hands.

Taking out the rule that it can't be defended on U.S. soil was a good thing, and it made the title look really good.

I, for one, am very happy it's in the company. It makes me angry to see them even think about taking it out to make it the Hardcore Title.

Another title means something else for the talent to work for. They have a Knockout's Tag Title, which is really unnecessary, even for the best of female talent.

Yet they can't add another singles title for the men?

Hypocritical at best, TNA.

Adding the hardcore title would be a wonderful move, no doubt, but ONLY if used as another belt, not the Global Title.

If changed, it would be the third time in under two years that the title went through a name change. It was formally the Legend's Championship, which debuted with a Booker T. Eric Young won it, then he changed it to the Global Championship, where he added the rule that it could ONLY be defended OFF United States soil.

Rob Terry then won it in an overseas tour and has held it since.

Terry deserves to hold it as well, as I think he is a huge star for the company. He is World Championship material, and it looks as if TNA is grooming him to getting to that spot.

I don't quite understand why they have him in a feud with Orlando Jordan, the most bizarre, overrated, no-use-in-signing, talentless hack in the business today.

But, hey, that's one man's opinion.

Either way, I say keep the Global Title, and add the hardcore. It's not like it'll kill them to pay a few hundred or thousand for a new hardcore title.

But what do you think?


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