UFC 113: Jim Rome Insults UFC Champion, Undermines His Own Credibility

Jason EisenhornContributor IMay 6, 2010

There I was, like many afternoons, working out at my local gym which shows ESPN.

Jim Rome's show was on and I usually get very excited to see his mainstream blurbs about MMA.  Usually I respect Rome for his straightforward style, but today he made me rather angry.

Rome basically insulted Lyoto Machida and his father, while kissing Dana White's butt in the process.

Machida had recently stated that he felt Dana should respect the judge's decision on the first match, instead of making it known for months that he thought Mauricio "Shogun" Rua was the winner.

Rome began by making some snarky comments about Machida being the only one who thinks he actually won the title fight.

Plenty of notable MMA reporters and pundits back the decision for Machida.

Franklin McNeil, Gareth A. Davies, and Jordan Breen to name a few.

Rome then begins to rant on about Machida's personal beliefs;

"My man, make your point in the cage, not through your interpreter before you get in. Then again, consider the source. This is a guy who begins most days with a nice tall glass of urine. I know he’s not the only one: but he’s the only one who seems to enjoy it."

Coming from a guy who isn't a fighter this really angers me. I didn't see him calling out Brock Lesnar for his personal diet habit of eating nothing but raw meat which contributed to his diverticulitis, or Roy Nelson's whoring for the garbage fast food chain Burger King, which is probably a lot worse for your body than some of your own urine.

But this is where things really being to rouse my ire;

"I know it takes a different breed of cat, to get in that cage. But not that different. Not drinks his own urine, different. You want vitamins and nutrients? Go to a GNC. Wheatgrass, not urine."

Lyoto Machida did things the hard way.

He came up fighting in all kinds of different promotions across the globe with a style that nobody else had ever used successfully in the cage.

When Machida got to the UFC, Dana White threw every tough fight he could at Lyoto to make him go away. Former champions, up and coming prospects with great records, and undefeated UFC reality show stars.

Machida did not get a pass on competition like some other champs that I could name.

And lets face the facts here; Dana White doesn't like Machida because he thinks he could make more money off Shogun.

Before Machida knocked out Rashad Evans, a lot of people saw him as "defensive" and "boring." Machida wasn't allowed to coach The Ultimate Fighter because of his bad English, and we got treated to the Tito Ortiz TMZ show instead.

Machida is a stellar example of everything that makes this sport great, and a hero for a lot of people. "If you have a dream! Go 'head!".

Who wasn't moved by his humble speech in English after he won the belt at UFC 98?

When Jim Rome flippantly knocks a UFC champion's personal beliefs and ridicules him in front of the mainstream sports fan, he is making fun of all of MMA.

It show's his lack of knowledge on what really goes into to making Machida such a great champion, and takes away any credibility he has as a legitimate MMA reporter.

Shame on you, Jim Rome.

Step into the cage and train yourself before you slam a guy for the traditions he holds dear.